Dave Scott – Monday Night Long

Hey there guys, Dave Scott here with the back to normal Monday night banter!

I’ve been racking my brain the past few hours thinking about what I’m going to write about this week. This is because since Raw has went 3 hours long, I am starting to struggle with it. It is hard enough sometimes staying up until 4am when it was 2 hours long, but now that there is that extra hour and nothing overly great happening I’ve been falling asleep before the end of Raw.

Now there would be probably the simple thing to do and just check it out on a repeat or try find a download of it the following day so I can watch it at my own pace and skip all the crap. If I were to miss Raw on the Monday night I know for a fact I would probably just read the spoilers and not bother with actually watching it.

Now I know you always get people who say that the product is stale around this time of year and I could always agree to an extent, but its nothing to stop me from watching it, the positives have always outweighed the negatives for me. What I feel has happened now though is that with the extra hour that we have every week it exposes how stale the product is.

I am not saying though there aren’t still positives within the show, far from it. Daniel Bryan, who I haven’t always been the greatest fan of has been absolute gold in the recent weeks. His and Kane’s interaction last week was absolutely brilliant. Also Dolph Ziggler is always great to watch and it is good to see his road towards the World Heavyweight title. There are a few other things which are good but I don’t want to list every single little thing.

However there seems to be a lot more which isn’t keeping my attention just now. Everyone who reads my columns regularly or follows me on Twitter would probably have noticed that I am not fond of Del Rio. His feud with Sheamus has gone on for far to long and I really don’t think both guys are going to come out of it having gained anything. I’m not liking the fact that Randy Orton wasn’t a part of Summerslam and that he is just being used as a bit player at the moment when he is one of the top stars on the roster, there are not many people that get the reaction that he gets. Again there is loads of things I could mention here but I don’t want to nag about every little thing.

I think what they need to do with the extra time that they have is actually build more feuds. They need to make sure all their top stars are in feuds and remaining relevant. They also need to make the feuds for the smaller titles a bit more epic. WWE needs to look at what they did in the past with the Intercontinental title, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin had their first feud over the IC title and it was amazing. The Rock and HHH also had a brilliant feud over that same title. These were guys that were on the road to the top and they made the title feel important. I have said before that I felt that Zack Ryder actually made the US title feel important because he made such a big deal about getting a title shot and winning the title, then WWE threw it all away by having him lost to Jack Swagger. WWE need to use Twitter and such to have guys talk about how they want title shots and such the way Zack Ryder did.

WWE are starting to invest a lot more into the tag team division which is great, this is something that seems to happen every few months and then ultimately goes nowhere. It does seem there are a lot more teams about just now than there have been in a long time which is something that does excite me to be completely honest. Some of the best feuds in WWE history have been tag team feuds and a lot of the biggest names in wrestling started within a tag team, so WWE investing more in the tag team division I can only see as a positive.

In the end though I’m hoping that WWE are just finding their feet with the 3 hour shows and it is something that I’ll get used to because as it stands I’m just not feeling the extra hour, but I can only hope that changes sometime soon.

That is me for this weeks guys! I will be back next week with my Q&A section to the column.

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