Dave Scott – Money In The Bank Thoughts

Hey guys, Dave Scott here for some Monday night chitter chatter! I’m going to cut right to the chase and talk about last night’s Money In The Bank PPV. I won’t keep you for too long tonight because I want to watch Raw, but just going to get a few things off my chest in relation to it. Most of these things you probably heard me talking about on Twitter if you follow me.

First off Alberto Del Rio is boring. I’ve been saying it for quite a while now, he just isn’t cutting it for me. Everyone says that Cena is getting shoved down our throats, well at least Cena is over. Del Rio is decent in the ring, I will give him that, but his gimmick is boring and there is nothing about it that is keeping me interested in him. I think rather than pushing him towards the world title, they should perhaps move him down the card to the US or IC titles let him build a bit more. He needs time to progress because he got pushed to the stars far to early and now that is effecting him. So I’m hoping to see him move down the card a little bit before they push him back up.

I mentioned there people moaning about Cena being pushed down our throats. Cena is the face of the WWE and he has been out the title picture for quite some time, you would have been stupid to think that he wouldn’t be back in line for the title sooner or later. If you don’t like it, then get a job writing for WWE as that is the only way you are going to be able to change it. In the Raw MITB match as much as I would have liked to see Jericho or The Miz win, I don’t think it would have made to much sense. Jericho has already been in matches over the last few months for both the World Heavyweight and WWE titles so we wouldn’t be getting anything new there, The Miz and Kane have already had the briefcase so again nothing new there and to be completely honest I’m much happier Cena won that if Big Show were to have won.

Next on the list is the fact that WWE doesn’t seem to like telling us about half the matches that are going to be on their PPV’s. I mean every now and again throwing in a random match can be decent, but not every time. Even if they were to build up the matches on Suiperstars or something. It is just a shame when you have a decent match like the tag match we got to see last night with little to no reaction due to both teams hardly getting any build on television.

Ryback squash matches are doing my head in. I am glad that they are having him fight real WWE wrestlers, but I would like him to have a proper feud. Have someone like Swagger come out and say he could beat Ryback and have him beat local wrestlers on Raw and Smackdown in squash matches to lead up to a match at a PPV where Ryback beats him. It will do Ryback a world of good having him beat someone that is not a local wrestler or a jobber.

That is me for this week guys. Follow me on Twitter if you want some chat during Raw.


Cheers guys!