Dave Scott – Please Stop Squashing Us!

Hello there dudes and dudetes. Dave Scott here with some Monday night ramblings as per usual. Tonight I’m going to touch on something I’ve realised over the last few weeks and really came to light to me fully at last nights Over The Lime pay per view.

Now last nights pay per view I thought was very good. I liked how they started with the battle royal match as I honestly love a good battle royal. The main thing I loved about this was that it gave guys a chance to shine on pay per view that wouldn’t have gotten the chance usually. One guy that instantly springs to mind within that was Tyson Kidd, he got within the last five guys of it I believe and done perhaps some of the best spots within the whole match. Along with that the rest of the card was pretty solid, we got a pretty good Intercontinental title match, a pretty damn fast paced and exciting fatal four way, a very solid tag team match and one of the best matches of the year with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Now I’ve not been to keen on Daniel Bryan being in the title picture over the last few months. I know he is a phenomenal wrestler but I just didn’t think he was fully ready for the main event scene. However I can gladly say after last nights performance I am so happy that he proved me wrong. Those two guys went out and had a match unlike anyone on the roster could have had. There was moves that you wouldn’t see anywhere else and the two of them worked perfectly off of each other. Hopefully we get to see the two of those guys have some more classics over the next few months.

So now that all the positive things of the PPV are out the way, there is a couple of negatives. Obviously the John Cena and John Laurinaitis match wasn’t too great, but I wasn’t expecting that to be so I’m not going to complain about it. What I’m here to moan about today is the WWE having too many guys that just take part in squash matches each and every week. Just now we have Ryback, Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai all of whom when in single matches just squash someone in a couple of minutes. I know Lord Tensai got a match against Cena, but that was one match, everything else has just been a squash.

I don’t disagree with someone coming in and dominating if it is going somewhere, but with all of these guys none of them have any direction or storyline to help them progress. All that is happening is they are randomly beating guys with no reason behind it and it gets boring it just happening with one guy let alone three.

Brodus Clay is probably the most over of the three guys and the only real thing we have gotten from his entire run so far is that The Miz has been booked into oblivion and that Dolph Ziggler knows how to sell his headbutts. From Ryback and Lord Tensai we haven’t really gotten anything at all other than some skinny Englishman getting some TV time and Yoshi Tatsu getting a match on Raw.

They need to stop having these three unbeaten runs going at the same time soon because it is getting silly. God you could even pair two of the three together in a feud to end each others streaks, its a simple concept and would finally give some of these guys something steady to do for a while.

The whole thing would not be quite as bad if they would just give them all some kind of feud. Back in the yesteryear of WWE prior to 2000 it would have been rare to see anything on PPV that didn’t have some form of build before hand. When buying the PPV you would know exactly what you were going to be getting and there would be at least some form of logic behind, even if it wasn’t the best of logic! However last night there was four out of ten matches (that is if you include the pre-show) that hadn’t been booked before hand which is something that needs to be fixed. WWE have four hours of television time every week to build these things along with another two hours if you include NXT and Superstars and they don’t utilise it to the best that they can. Hopefully with the addition of the extra hour to Raw we can now get this little bit of extra build that is needed for the PPV’s that us fans spend our money on each and every month.

But that is me for this week guys. I’m going to be watching Raw live tonight and pretty much every week as usual, unless I fall asleep or my Sky Go on my X Box 360 decides to not work for whatever reason! So if you want some Raw Twitter banter:

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Cheers guys!