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Hey there guys Dave Scott here for my weekly wrestling chat session.

This week unfortunately my internet is down so I’ve been unable to get full access to my e-mail and such and I’m unsure when I’m going to be back up and running, so that is why I’ve posted it a few days earlier due to the fact I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do anything for Monday.

This week I’m going to take a few of the Q&A questions I’ve received that I can access currently and answer those. Thanks to everyone who has sent me questions I’ve received questions through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and even by text message today! Please continue to send me your questions though so I can continue to due these on a regular basis because I do enjoy answering them.

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With that being said here are this weeks Q&A questions:

“what’s a better match out of these two. Mr Perfect vs Bret Hart at Summerslam 91 for the Intercontinental Championship OR Mr Perfect vs Bret Hart in the Semi-Final match of the 1993 King of the Ring. If you watch both matches, I think you’ll agree they’re a masterclass in ring psycology and technical wrestling”

I received this question a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately I wasn’t able to answer it at the time due to me not having a clear recollection of the matches that were contained in the question, so I have re-watched both of these matches as I hadn’t seen either for a number of years.

I’ll start with the Summerslam 91 match. The first thing I noticed about this match was how good Bret and Perfect were at selling, wrestlers could really learn a lot from this match in that respect. The way the two guys took each others moves and the way the react to them is stunning. There is one part where they are bouncing off the ropes and Perfect gets Bret in a sleeper hold, which is perhaps one of the most basic wrestling moves, however the way Perfect pulls Bret into the sleeper looks amazing and was a bit more unique than usual. Also when Bret is kicking Perfects leg from underneath him when he his holding onto the ropes, which I think he does three times in a row, the way Perfect sells this is just exactly how you would want someone to do so. The other thing in regards to the selling of moves that stuck out to me was when Bret done the move where he grabs Perfect by the hair and throws him across the ring, which Perfect had done to Hart earlier in the match, which Hart had sold the move and the pain he received within the move brilliantly, when Perfect does this rather than going with the exact same end result as Bret he slides into the position where he catches himself on the turnbuckle. This things are all just small things but without a doubt they added so much to the match.

Another thing that I loved about this match is that it could have ended several times within the last ten minutes of it and it still would have been a great match, but the two of the kept up with their exchanges which if I had been watching the match for the first time I would have had no idea which way the match was going to go. The two of them kept the exchanges going with several close falls without it getting unoriginal and repeating moves over and over, it would have been so easy for them to have the same ending but have several of the same moves being used more than once, but they avoided that and managed to have a phenomenal exchange.

Something that really helped this match a lot was the commentary, there was humour within the commentary and the commentators themselves were putting over the moves, which is something we don’t get enough of these days. It isn’t hard to put over the moves and I wish the commentary these days would reflect this aswell.

Now onto King of the Ring 93, this match itself again you can see from the outset how good these guys are at selling. This match played a lot more on knee injuries and Bret’s hand injury. These two guys genuinely looked in pain throughout the match, they may have been in pain and if that was the case then even more to them for getting through the match at such a high standard.

Most the things I said I loved about the last match were included in this match also, but the great thing about this match is that even though it was the two same guys fighting, with similar content and the same end result, the match was still completely different. This match started with a much faster pace than the previous match and then the pace got slowed down dramatically for the last part of it.

One thing I did love in particular about this match was the handshake at the end and how Perfect presented it in way that he did not really want to shake Bret’s hand but it was as if he knew he had to. It is always great to see a face and heel handshake every once in a while.

At the start of this match one thing which appeared to go against it was the crowds reaction. At the start of the match the crowd barely seemed to care at what was going on and there was little to no reaction, this was completely different to the Summerslam match, as the crowd were consistently reacting to that one. However in the last section of this match the crowd did really pick up for it because those two guys in the ring pretty much forced them to be into it by having such a great match. Another point which went against it, which is no fault of the wrestlers, was Randy Savages commentary. The guy was a great wrestler and great on the mic, but I’ve never been fully convinced of him on commentary. He seemed to me like what Booker T is like these days, funny but not in an intentional way. However that is just me nit picking at the match there.

So in comparison, these two matches are both great and are both definite classic matches. I would have to go with the Summerslam match though I think. I prefer the finish to the Summerslam match and the crowd reaction isn’t the best for the KOTR match.

In light of all that though if you take away the finishes and any crowd or commentary influence on my decision it would have been impossible to decide between these matches both are so good and even though they have similar content at times they are still completely different. If you have never seen either of these matches go watch them, they truly are great to watch.

“How do you rate the Nasty Boys?”

Well as wrestlers they weren’t necessarily the best in the ring, but they worked great as a heel tag team. When I was a child I hated them so from that it appears they had the right reaction with me, which is what matters in the long run I suppose.

“So if you were able to. How would you change up Ryback so that he can still be powerful and yet not look like Goldberg?”

I think the difficulty is when you have any one who is on a winning streak they will always be compared to Goldberg as he became huge due to his winning streak. Plus the fact that Ryback looks quite similar doesn’t really help. There is always going to be things like this in wrestling and WWE seem to be doing the correct thing and just moving forward without taking too much notice.

“Do you think Samoa Joe should jump ship to WWE when his contract is up? Guys like Stone Cold have said that WWE should sign Joe and he’s good friends with CM Punk. Should Joe go to WWE or will they not use him properly?”

If Samoa Joe was to move over to WWE I don’t think he would be a main event star. He is in a position just now though where he isn’t a main event wrestler for TNA either. If TNA have no plans to move him up the card at any point then I think WWE may be a good option. It is safe to say that a midcard wrestler in WWE probably earns a lot more than a TNA midcarder. I just think if Joe was to go over to WWE then nobody should expect him to be main eventing.

“Do you think if Bully Ray goes to WWE. Would they let him continue being Bully Ray or give him his stutter again?”

I don’t think he would be Bully Ray if he went back. I think they would want both him and Devon back so they can have the Dudley Boys back together for a period of time. Maybe after six months to a year they may allow him to be Bully Ray though.

That is me for this week guys thanks for all the questions this week and I’ll see you all next week!

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