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Hey there guys Dave Scott here for my weekly wrestling chat session.

This week I’m going to take a few of the Q&A questions I’ve received that I can access currently and answer those. Thanks to everyone who has sent me questions. Please continue to send me your questions though so I can continue to due these on a regular basis because I do enjoy answering them.

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With that being said here are this weeks Q&A questions:

With the Steel cage match on the previous Raw and the falls count anywhere on this one is the PG era near to its end?

Not at all, we are going to have the PG era for a long time to come. Having these matches just proves that they can still be slightly edgy and be PG at the same time.

Should we expect some title changes at NOC 2012? In my personal opinion it would be disappointing if Cena was to win the belt.

Well this is why I should answer these questions quickly! Well we did get a few but nothing to ground breaking, was good to see the tag titles change hands has been a bit overdue.

Do you think WWE will change Cole’s character based on his performance handling The King situation and possibly gaining respect from the WWE Universe because of his performance?

I think for the next while until King returns and gets back into it for a few weeks he will definitely tone it down a bit, but I’m sure he’ll be back to being a full scale heel within the next 3-6 months.

Would you say that next to Undertaker, kane is the second best gimmick ever?

I would definitely say in the modern era he has the best gimmick, but in the late 80’s and early 90’s he would have just fit in with the rest of the craziness that was going on!

Should TNA induct Devon into their Hall of Fame along with Sting? Maybe that would save him from leaving?

Well everything does seem a bit uncertain with him at the moment, but I don’t think he is that great a loss to TNA. If Team 3D were still together it would have been a big hit to them but as they were both on singles run it isn’t really that big a deal. Plus he was probably one of the higher earners in TNA and he hadn’t been doing to much recently, so it is probably a plus for TNA getting him off their books.

How come no one remembers Undertaker in The Soul Chaser. A movie he did back in the 90’s on the USA network?

I have no idea what The Soul Chaser is!

Do you think Goldberg gets a kick out of his name being chanted by the WWE fans. When he isn’t even in the company anymore?

Dam right! From what it sounds like though I don’t think that Goldberg really cares about what is going on in WWE though, but he probably does enjoy the fact that he is still getting remembered.

What’s your opinion of the classic Boiler room matches?

At time time they were decent, nothing to exciting though to be honest. Was a good way to play up Mankind at the time. I think they are best kept as a thing of the past though.

If WWE can’t get the Ultimate Warrior for the HOF. What if they inducted Goldberg? Or Booker T?

I don’t think either Goldberg or Booker T are as big name as Ultimate Warrior. I think that if they can’t get Ultimate Warrior which will probably be the case I think it should be Macho Man who gets inducted, Booker T would be a good addition along with him though.

That is me for this week guys thanks for all the questions this week and I’ll see you all next week!

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