Dave Scott – Reflecting on Raw

Hey there folks! I know its very rare to have me posting two days in a row, but after my column last night I really felt the need to follow it up after last nights Raw episode.

If you didn’t see already I posted about Raw being three hours was really showing how stale the current product has been. However last night was a complete step in the right direction! In last nights show we had pretty much everything covered within it, with exception to the tag team division.

We had the US title being defended on Raw, the IC champion The Miz on commentary, plenty of midcard exposure, some Daniel Bryan related comedy, a couple of high quality matches, the Diva’s got a decent bit of exposure and we had the absolutely brilliant moment at the end that leaves us begging for more!

I am not saying that this is the best Raw in the history of the planet, but if WWE can keep doing shows to this standard within the three hour format, I will be very pleased.

The show received a huge boost from The Miz being on commentary, he was brilliant. It was good to have a new lease of life on the commentary booth, he worked very well with Cole and I felt it had a vast improvement towards the show itself.

One thing the show managed to do was not go over the same things over and over again which we have seen so often recently with the HHH and Lesnar storyline, where they showed the same bit of footage over and over for what felt like forever. The only people that we got exposed to more than two or three times were Kane, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and AJ (not taking into account announcers and such). Considering that it is a three hour show, that isn’t all that bad.

Even my good friend Alberto Del Rio (who I feel like I am constantly moaning about) had a very good match with Cena on the show. If matches like last night continue to happen involving him them hopefully he will start to grow on me also!

I felt from this weeks Raw they used their time more effectively than previous weeks, this may just be down to them finding their feet with the new format and like I said in my column last night, we can only hope it continues to improve over time and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

That is me for tonight guys, wasn’t planning on writing this, but really felt the need to after last night.

Anyway thank you for reading, next week I’ll be continuing with my Q&A section to my column.

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