Dave Scott – Steiner… Heh?

Hello there guys and gals. This is Dave Scott here for some regular Monday rambling. For those of you guys reading this on NoDQ.com or QuickWrestlingNews.com this is just the normal Monday column I’ve been doing for the last few months. This is my first weekly column on PWMania.com though, so for anyone that is reading on this I would just like to say thanks for reading and if you want to read any of my older columns, just head over to the two respected websites above and have a little read.

This week though I’m going to talk about the man they call “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Now for those of you guys that haven’t been keeping up to date with his recent comments (which I have enjoyed reading I must say) basically he has been very overly critical of some of the things TNA have been doing and to be honest I’m glad he has been saying what he has said.

For anyone who has read “The Death of WCW” book, you would probably know that Steiner didn’t seem to be someone that anyone wanted to mess with, he is portrayed in a manner that we wants has to go and he isn’t afraid of anyone when it comes down to it and how the hell would say no to him! So that is the main thing that makes me think most the comments that he has been saying are true.

If you look at Steiner’s career, he has never been a major draw but he has been through pretty much everything. He has had time in the territory days, made a mark on both WWF and WCW and has been with TNA for a good amount of time. So he has been around the block more than once. This makes me believe that for as much of it may come across as rambling he has a terrific point and isn’t afraid to say it.

Since Hogan and Bischoff came into TNA they haven’t completely changed the game at all. If anything they have possibly pushed back the progression of the company. Even when Hogan is asked just now who he thinks the future of TNA is, his answer is Jeff Hardy. As entertaining as Hardy is he is not the future of wrestling, he is one of the biggest names in wrestling but isn’t the future. The future of wrestling needs to come from something fresh and new, which isn’t Jeff Hardy. Someone like Austin Aries would be a better answer for that, but Hogan does seem to be extremely out of touch with the current product so I’d imagine that he struggles to see this.

I’m not here to completely bury TNA, far from it. Anyone who reads my columns regularly will have seen that I have pointed out in the past the things that TNA were doing correct, but there is also a lot of points that can be made of what is been done wrong. But as many people have said before and will continue to say if things keep going the way they are, there is to many similarities between TNA and WCW when it was going down the pan. This is something which someone high up within that company must see and realise, there must be someone in a position of power that is seeing the silly mistakes the company makes and notices them or at least I hope there is!

Scott Steiner does not come across as the smartest person in the world but he realises that there is a problem in the company, he was there for WCW dying so he would know and after everything that he had said about TNA, Hulk Hogan’s response was saying that Steiner had a big future in the company or something along those lines. Again, why would you invest the future of your company in Steiner, he is not a big name that would sell out buildings and is not a huge draw, further evidence to show that Hogan has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to pushing TNA in the right direction. I can’t take anything away from Hogans contribution to the wrestling business, but I think he always needs to be managed by someone and not be in control of things, that is when things go wrong!

Without the addition of Bischoff and Hogan to the company I think the rise of guys like Bobby Roode and James Storm would have happened quite a bit quicker and people like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe may have still been legitimate main eventers within the company. Also the removal of the six sided ring was a terrible idea, it was something that instantly made TNA different from WWE. I can remember when TNA first came on television over here in the UK and people who don’t watch wrestling would mention to me about the six sided ring, they did not know anything about the company or the wrestling but the six sided ring made them realise there was something different and new, which is what TNA needs to be to get to where they want to be, different and new!

So with this I hope Steiner continues to rip on TNA and I hope other people join in with him. It may finally make some of the people within that company realise that there is a problem and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later because as a wrestling fan myself. I want to see TNA succeed, every wrestling fan should, so we can get some competition to bring out the best in WWE and the wrestlers within both companies. But here is to hoping!