Dave Scott – Surprise, Surprise!

Hey there guys and gals! Dave Scott here for a little update.

I have not been writing much as of recently and it is down to two things. First up my laptop has been broken and it has just been fixed, secondly I have been working on a podcast which has taken up a lot of my time, which stopped me from writing. It would be much appreciated if you guys could give it a listen at:


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It is definitely not PG and it involves me getting drunker and drunker throughout the three and a half hours, however there is some good stuff on there about the Royal Rumble and I’m really looking forward to doing another one soon!

I’m not just here to do a plug, that would just be rude! I’m going to talk about something that we cover off in the podcast that I was asked on Twitter by one of my followers.

“Who is going to be the greatest return (at the Royal Rumble)” from @paco_1090.

Well the Royal Rumble has become something where we always now expect a return of some sort or a surprise nostalgic entrant. This wasn’t something that WWE needed to do in the past though when it was in its boom periods, it used to be the case where you knew pretty much everyone who was going to come out in the Rumble match.

However times have changed and the surprises in the Royal Rumble are things that we all look forward to within the match!

So there are a few returns coming up that we are overdue first of all. So I think we can expect to see Christian return at the Rumble and same with Mark Henry as both these guys seem to have been due back for quite sometime and it will be good to see them back in the ring. Would love to see Evan Bourne back, but have not heard anything about how he is getting on with his injury.

One other surprise I think we may get will be Billy Gunn making an appearance as he has been working backstage and it would be good for him to get that Royal Rumble return moment that Road Dogg got last year and Nash got the year before. To be honest I really hope that the New Age Outlaws make a brief return around Wrestlemania time as they could really help put the tag team division over.

One that I think could be a possibility returning also could be Brock Lesnar. I’m not huge on Lesnar but I definitely would love to see him make his return at the Rumble, imagine him face to face with Ryback, now that could be epic!

Hopefully the Royal Rumble lives up to its reputation as the second biggest show of the year, which I have no doubts it will! I will be back with my round table predictions within the next few days so keep an eye out for those!

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