Dave Scott – Swagger… Yawn!

Hey there guys and gals! Dave Scott here for some lovely wrestling based banter.

As we are approaching Wrestlemania things seem to be getting a little bit clearer on what is going to be going on. This year I have a bit more interest than usual in what exactly is going to be happening at the big one as this is the first year I’ve managed to get my hands on a ticket for it.

One big disappointment that I have with what has been transpiring towards Wrestlemania is that I have no interest in seeing Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger.

These two guys to me are two superstars who are decent in the ring, but really don’t have IT. Now I’ll be first to admit that Swagger has become a bit more interesting since he has been placed with Zeb, but I really would never go out my way to pay to see this match. These two guys are solid upper midcard guys at best in my mind. I can’t see either of them ever reaching the heights of some of the greats in the past like Hogan, Austin, Rock, Bret or Michaels. The name Swagger doesn’t even look right next to those names!

Del Rio himself seems to be quite a bit better suited to being a face and out of the two if I had to choose, I think he is the one who I prefer. Also as much as I don’t like him I understand now how some people can enjoy him.

Now Swagger recently went and had his issue with the law. My feelings towards this is that if WWE don’t punish Swagger for what he has done, WWE are making a complete mockery of their wellness policy. What Swagger done is reckless and should never be doing something like that, I mean I’m not 100% the drugs myself, but when other guys get punished for drug related things, then he should also.

Swagger has been given this opportunity after failing to impress in his last title run and pretty much everything he done after that. I’m sure guys like Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, who are in my mind better than Swagger, would have killed to have been put in the position that Swagger is and catapulted straight into one of the main matches of Wrestlemania and Swagger goes and acts like a mongo. If WWE doesn’t punish Swagger, they are also making a mockery of those guys, who bust their ass on a regular basis and haven’t been given an opportunity like Swagger.

Hopefully WWE does the right thing and takes him out of the match, for their own sake and for my own selfish reasons that I don’t want to sit through that match. The only good thing about it is that I at least know when I can go for a piss.

I’m sure things will be a bit clearer after Raw tonight though!

Anyway guys that is me for this week, hopefully you enjoy this week of wrestling and I’ll be back soon!

In the meantime though if you want some more wrestling related things for me.

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