Dave Scott – Thoughts Of The Week and Q&A

Hey there guys Dave Scott here for my usual Monday night tomfoolery.

This week I’m going to do the same as last week and talk about a certain subject and then end on my Q&A section.

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Send any WWE or TNA questions you want, past, present, serious, not serious or just completely ridiculous and I’ll try and answer all of them!

This week I’m wanting to talk about a few things briefly before I move onto the Q&A.

First up, I am still not feeling the three hours of Raw every week. It is too much for me, unfortunately I don’t have Tivo or Sky+ or anything, so I have to watch live or try and download it the following day and I know that I’ll read spoilers prior to watching it if I don’t watch it live so that ruins it for me. Hopefully it starts to become completely must watch TV every week to keep me interested but as it is at I keep falling asleep before it ends or just plain getting bored by the third hour.

Other than that though I didn’t actually see it myself, but I am glad to hear the Austin Aries won his match against Bobby Roode at Hardcore Justice. I don’t think it would have been the right idea for TNA to take the title from him so early, I think it would have hurt both him and the title. TNA seem to be doing quite a few things right at the moment and having Austin Aries as a dominant champion is something they should do for quite some time. There is a lot of potential PPV matches you can still have with Austin Aries. I think we would all like to see Aries step in the ring with guys like AJ, Angle, Hardy and RVD to name a few, there is some big money feuds in Aries’ future and I’m glad TNA didn’t throw those away.

Lastly before I move onto the Q&A, I’m not happy with AW’s release. The guy was great on the mic and I think with him leading the Primetime Players they really could have been a real credible tag team. I’m currently watching Raw though and they just don’t have the same impact without him, they just seem like just another team which is unfortunate. I’m glad to see him standing up for himself on Twitter also, which is good to see rather than him trying to just hold back to hopefully get his job back. He is showing his opinion and showing how ridiculous it is that he got fired for one joke. All the power to him and I wish him all the success in the world!

Now onto the Q&A section of my column. Got a few more questions than I did last week, so hopefully as the weeks go on can get more and more.

“Do you think Bully Ray is at a level yet to be world TNA champion and when you think would be the right time to put it on him.?”

I think Bully Ray is exactly where he needs to be right now. He is in a solid position within the upper micdard/main event and seems to be doing a great job. I don’t think putting the title on him any time soon would be the best of ideas as we need to get the BFG series out the way first. If TNA were to put the title on him I’d save it for late this year or early next year, but as of writing this who knows if Bully Ray will even be in TNA for that long. I would love to see him return to WWE at some point to be completely honest either as a singles or a tag team wrestler. However to answer the question Bully Ray definitely would not be the worst choice for a TNA title run as his heel work over the last year or so has been brilliant.

“Summerslam is coming up so what’s your favourite Summerslam of all time, Dave? ”

The Summerslam that always sticks in my mind is Summerslam 1997. Now to be completely honest I can’t remember if all the matches were brilliant or not because I watched it when I was ten years old, however it has always stuck with me. I always remember the title match with Bret Hart and Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the referee with Bret and Shawn going at each other throughout the match and Shawn accidentally causing Bret to win the title which was brilliant and obviously led to the most talked about incident in wrestling history.

Also it unfortunately had the moment where Owen Hart broke Austin’s neck which obviously had a knock on effect for the rest of Austin’s career. Also on this card every single champion was in a match (not every title was defended though) but this is something WWE should ensure to put into play these days. Also I’m certain every match on this card the audience had been informed of before they paid for their tickets or ordered the PPV compared to now where we have a good few matches that we had no idea that was happening!

But yeah this one has to be my choice as it is the first Summerslam I think of when the question was asked.

“why has nobody turned super saiyan yet”

They haven’t because it would probably fail the wellness policy.

“what’s a better match out of these two. Mr Perfect vs Bret Hart at Summerslam 91 for the Intercontinental Championship OR Mr Perfect vs Bret Hart in the Semi-Final match of the 1993 King of the Ring. If you watch both matches, I think you’ll agree they’re a masterclass in ring psycology and technical wrestling”

Right rather than bullshitting my way through this answer I’m going to rewatch both these matches within the next week and my column next week is going to be about it. For some reason the Summerslam 91 match sticks in my head more, but I will get back with a full and justified answer next week!

“‎10 reasons why Goldust should have been a world champion ”

I can think of 10 reasons why he shouldn’t have been a world champion. The only reason I could think to make him world champion though would be because the title would colour coordinate with his outfit.

So that is me for this week guys. Thanks for the questions this week, hopefully can get more for future columns. Post you thoughts, comments and opinions below!

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Speak again soon.