Dave Scott – Three Hours Too Much & Q&A

Hey there guys Dave Scott here for some usual Monday night life changing analysis of men wearing tights.

This week I’m going to be going a bit half and half about my column here. I’m going to start off with a topic and then move onto a few Q&A questions that I’m planning to do going forward from here.

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First of all though I’m going to talk about Raw going three hours. I can honestly say that it is far too much Raw for me for one night! WWE doesn’t need the extra hour of TV to be honest, they just needed to manage the two hours that they had of Raw a little better.

Last weeks Raw was good in the sense that we got to see a lot of stars that perhaps we would not have seen on the regular two hour show, however early in the Attitude era we got Raw for two hours and Shotgun or Heat for an hour yet they still managed to prepare a whole card for each monthly pay per view and keep all majority of wrestlers involved and kept all the titles relevant. Just now we have three hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown, an hour or Superstars and an hour of NXT yet WWE can’t plan a full PPV card in advance. They don’t need all this time, it is putting me off in a sense that there is so much WWE on TV and that I don’t have enough time to watch it all. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same as this.

One thing that TNA seems to have over WWE at the moment is that they use their TV time to tell you watch matches you will see at the next PPV. All it does take is five minutes each week to build towards one of the many Brodus Clay or Ryback squashes that we see on every PPV, but WWE aren’t prepared to even do this.

I’m hoping that last week was just a one off with the feel of it on Raw, because it did feel very strung out and didn’t particularly feel like much had happened throughout the three hours I was watching. We will soon see though.

Now onto the Q&A section of my column. This is my first week so only a few questions so far, but hopefully over the next few weeks can build up a few more.

“So how many One night only DX reunions do you think their will be? They should just start calling them. Until the next time we want to sell merchandise. DX reunion.”

Yeah there has been an awful lot of DX reunions, but like you say it is a good way to sell a bit of merchandise and a lot of the time recently it is just used as a way to build towards HHH’s next feud. I mean we had The Undertaker involved the last time there was a DX reunion and this time round I imagine that Brock Lesnar will be involved in it. It is a decent way to build the feud as everyone knows how close that HHH and HBK are.

“do you think Heath Slator resembles Edge a little bit?”

A ginger version yes. Could have been a tag team, the Rated R Rock Band! See that shit writes itself!

“why does randy orton have 2 be soooo hot ??”

He gets it from his Dad obviously.

“what are your thoughts on drew macintyre”

Drew Macintyre is pretty dam good in the ring, however he isn’t the most charismatic of characters. I think he is good to have on the roster as he is a solid midcard wrestler. However I can’t really see him going any higher on the card than that at any point in the future. As he is a fellow Scotsman though I will always have to support him though. When I met him a few years ago he was nice enough, which is always good.

So that is me for this week guys. Thanks for the questions this week, hopefully can get more for future columns.

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