Dave Scott – Titles With Meaning

Hey there guys and gals! It is Dave Scott here back in action. I haven’t really been writing much recently as I’ve been putting most of my wrestling related time into working on my new podcast. It has been really fun doing it, we are doing it on a fortnightly basis (for the time being) and it can be found at: http://rowdyroddypodcast.podomatic.com. Also give us an add on Twitter for some wrestling chat: @RowdyRoddyPodUK. Now the cheap plugs are done, now onto the subject matter. This is something I spoke about on the most recent episode of Rowdy Roddy Podcast as it was asked by one of our listeners.

We got asked if we think there should be a return of the Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight title. Now I answered this as at the moment there should not be a return of either of those as the roster does not have enough guys on it that could fit into this division. The only guys that are on the roster at the moment that isn’t injured at the moment that would really benefit from this are Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Bo Dallas and possibly Seth Rollins. That is just not enough to base a division around.

However this led me on to thinking that before any titles get added to the company, they really need to take time to build the ones they currently have. It is like TNA when they introduced the TV title, they already had the X-Division title, which was meaning next to nothing and then they brought out the TV title and since it has been brought around has meant very little.

I also think that the WWE could easily just scrap the IC or US titles and it would mean very little. It wouldn’t have a negative impact on the business in anyway, as these titles have became very unimportant over the last 10 years. When I think of feuds that have meant something over the last ten years for both of these titles I really struggle to come up with much. However I did like the rumour that I heard that the IC title is going to become the Main Event title… The show Main Event and not the actual main event! I think this will give them room to build some feuds with the title and hopefully bring some prestige back to the title, as there is very little prestige around it at the moment.

WWE needs to also take the time and build on their tag team division. For years it has just seemed very stop/start with the tag division, where a few teams come about and we think they are going to pull the trigger with it, then it dies out and the titles get put on two singles wrestlers who have nothing better to do at the time.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, WWE needs to realise that some of their biggest stars in the past have started in tag teams and perfected their craft whilst working in that division. So many guys have made a name for themselves through the tag team division and went on to be world champions. You have Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, JBL, Edge, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Steve Austin and Booker T all guys who in the early parts of their careers were in tag teams and have went on to be main even players.

I don’t see guys like like Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico or The Usos making it big in the business. The Prime Time Players are the ones that would look most likely, but being in the tag division isn’t really doing anything for their careers at the moment as their isn’t really a tag team division for them to benefit within. There hasn’t really been anyone that has came in as a dedicated tag team since the Attitude Era that has managed to transition from being a tag team wrestler to being a main event player, which isn’t a good thing!

I really hope that this is something that will gradually change over time, but I really can’t see it being the case any time soon. It appears in this day and age the World Heavyweight title has became the new IC title and the IC and US title have been relegated to where they barely even get a feud built around them. Again I’m happy for this all to change, but I’m certainly not holding my breath for it.

Anyway that is me done for this week guys! The new episode of Rowdy Roddy Podcast will be online this weekend so check out our Twitter (@RowdyRoddyPodUK) for updates on it and if you want some wrestling chat in the meantime you can find myself on Twitter (@DaveFCIC).

Cheers guys and enjoy this week in wrestling!