Dave Scott – Top Guy?

Hey there guys Dave Scott back with my Monday night banter. I’ve been a bit busy during the last week or so, so unfortunately didn’t get an opportunity to write anything last week. Also the release of Fifa 13 has slightly ruined my social life! I even considered not watching Raw this week because I’m dying to keep working on my Ultimate Team!

This week though I’m going to talk about a subject that one of my readers Jonathan asked me about on Facebook.

Jonathan asked me:

“With all this talk with WWE want to find a new top guy like Cena. What do you think of WWE grooming Ryback as a potensial top guy. I know we don’t like the comparisons but could he be big like Goldberg was in WCW. “

Now me and Jonathan have had lengthy discussions in the past about how we feel Ryback should be used going forward. Both of us have agreed that we like the direction that WWE are going with Ryback and are really hoping that they progress with him in the best way possible.

However this question made me think of this a bit more in depth and I was trying to think out of the current roster, who would be a Superstar that could lead the company into the future.

So I’m just going to list a few names and the reasons why I think they could be the next guy that the company goes with.

The Miz

The Miz is the first person that springs to mind for me within this. I believe that if The Miz turned face that he could be easily marketable. The Miz has a good history of PR work within in the WWE and when he was the WWE champion he was doing appearances left, right and centre, much like John Cena does. The Miz also does have the drive within him to be a top guy and he can definitely talk. Even though I do think he is a good heel, I think he would be a better underdog face and I am really hoping that WWE put him in that position sooner rather than later.


It is still early days with Ryback, but he does have the look that WWE like and they seem to be very behind him at the moment. Also for every “Goldberg” chant there is, there has been a “Feed Me More” chant just as loud. The future is looking promising for Ryback as WWE are seeming to invest a lot in this guy and they are taking it slow, which isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t like him beating jobbers for months on end and now that they have him defeating real Superstars I am really starting to enjoy him. Ryback has a catchphrase which does seem to be catching on, but one thing which could fault him would be his mic work, which we haven’t heard anything of since he returned as Ryback. He did get a few opportunities to speak when he was Ship Sheffield but to be completely honest I can not remember if he was good or not.

Daniel Bryan

Now arguably you could say that D-Bry has had his opportunity as a top guy, but these days the Heavyweight title does appear secondary to the WWE title. Daniel Bryan as we all know is brilliant in the ring and his mic work has improved vastly over the last couple of years. He is also perhaps the most over guy on the roster and WWE are really starting to invest a lot more time in him in the last year than anyone could have imagined. Daniel Bryan isn’t what one would call a typical WWE main eventer, but these days I don’t think there is a criteria for a WWE main event guy like there used to be in the past. This is why I feel Daniel Bryan has just as good a chance as any guy in the company to be the face of the WWE.

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has been working in the WWE for a number of years now, he has proved week in and week out that he can perform at a high level. He is easily compared to a lot of wrestlers from the past and I really feel that gives him a likeable factor from people who don’t watch wrestling but know it for what it used to be back in the Attitude era. WWE are just yet to pull the trigger fully with Ziggler which we all know is coming sooner rather than later. Ziggler much like The Miz I feel could easily fit into a babyface role.

Just a few ideas I have there! Would like to thank Jonathan for the question!

But that is me for this week guys!

Hope you all enjoy Raw!