Dave Scott – Unstable

Hey there guys, gals and everything in between, Dave Scott reporting for my usual Monday night duty!

Now the last couple of weeks I have been very inactive in the internet wrestling world and I have not been following it all to the extent that I usually would. There is two things that it could be down to, it is either due to me not enjoying what has been getting put out or it might just be that Fifa 13 has engulfed pretty much my entire life outside of working hours! To be honest I think it is probably the latter of the two.

This week though I’m going to talk about something which I have spoken about quite some time ago and that is that I would love to see a good stable come together in the WWE.

When you think of wrestling in the past there was always stables to some extent. You had The Hart Foundation, nWo, D-Generation X, Nation of Domination, Four Horsemen, Ravens Flock, Evolution and numerous other factions throughout the years. The great thing about having a good stable is that it can help elevate wrestlers up the card. Where would The Rock be without The Nation? Where would Orton be without Evolution? Where would Triple H be without DX? Who knows to be completely honest, but they were definitely key in making all of those superstars successful.

I think that Evolution from a few years ago was the perfect example of a stable. You had the legend that is Ric Flair, the current main eventer in HHH and two up and coming prospects in Randy Orton and Batista. Purely from being aligned with HHH and Flair made Orton and Batista stock rise drastically and over time both of them went on to have very successful careers in the WWE. A similar stable to Evolution could do wonders for some of the stars in WWE at moment. Giving a heel main eventer some guys that can help him win matches and just help in their dastardly deeds would be good just now as it has been a year and a half since we got to see a stable in WWE, so it would come across as fresh.

There is so many guys on the roster doing very little at the moment so I think grouping a few guys together with a big name superstar would be a good idea and could do wonders for everyone involved.

Having a new stable would make me happy, otherwise I’d also be happy if WWE would keep making AJ wear very small shorts, well ideally shorter than they already are, that would also make me happy… but in a completely different way!

Anyway guys that is me for this week! Enjoy Raw and lets all hope for AJ in short shorts!