Dave Scott w/ FATP and Friends – WWE WrestleMania 29 Predictions

Hey guys it’s Dave Scott back for my roundtable predictions with the man they call FATP, George Cushnie and our regular co-predictiors!

Wrestlemania is obviously the biggest PPV of the year and this is our biggest lot of predictions of the year! I’ll let you guys have a wee look at how we are all doing in the league table so far before we go on:

George: 18
KreSade: 17
Graeme: 14
Jordan: 14
Phil: 12
Dave: 12

So as you can see I’m doing pretty shit, so my predictions are probably best taken with a pinch of salt. On the other hand George seems to be our resident tipster, so take his predictions down to Paddy Power and get his predictions bet on!

Pre-show WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz 


This match is one of those ones that I’m really struggling to think who would win. Both guys probably won’t do much with the title if they win anyway. If you look on any of the betting websites as well, they appear to agree with me as both guys have pretty rotten odds.

But this is the predictions roundtable and I must make a choice. So I’m going to to for The Miz because I think he needs a PPV title victory (even if it is a pre-show one) as he has been losing constantly to Cesaro.

Dave: The Miz


Love the work of these guys, but can’t figure out why this has been pushed to the pre-show instead of the Clay-Train/Rhodes Scholars match. Barrett and Miz are so far above the IC title it’s not true. They’re upper mid-card at worst and shouldn’t be wasting their time on this pre-show nonsense IMO. Regardless of who wins, I’ll be happy ‘cos like I said I’m a fan of both guys, but I’ll go with Wade Barrett to retain.

George: Wade Barrett


Can’t say I’m too concerned about the outcome of this match and it’s safe to say WWE don’t care neither. So as I have to choose, I’m gonna take Barrett to retain the belt. Miz’s face run is a massive flop but it’s not gonna stop WWE from trying to force him down our throats.

Phil: Wade Barrett retains Intercontinental Championship


The Miz , Wade Barrett does not need the win, hes a pretty lousy champion and Miz could actually make the Intercontinental belt mean something again

Jordan: The Miz


The Miz. He’s the face, he’s on all of the promo tours, he’s being lined up to follow Cena and Barrett has bigger fish to fry in the near future.

Graeme: The Miz


Both guys could use a win here at WrestleMania. I am going to go with Wade Barrett winning this one.

KreSade: Wade Barrett

Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron and Naomi vs. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and The Bella Twins 


In any usual PPV this would be my piss break, but I’m saving that for later on.

Funniest thing about this is that Tensai, or Sweet T is probably at his most interesting in his WWE career right now, however I know that is not saying much. I have to say that Naomi is one of my favourite Diva’s to watch in the ring, I mean she isn’t brilliant, but she can pull off some decent spots.

However I’m going to have to stay loyal to my boy Sandow… You’re welcome.

Winners: Rhode Scholars & The Bella Twins


I literally have no interest in Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron or Naomi. Seriously. They need to get the funk off this card. It’s meant to be WrestleMania for funk’s sake. Cody and Damien had me LITERALLY howling with laughter the other week when they parodied the New Age Outlaws. That’s what they should be doing. Not working with these 2 jokers. As for the Bellas? They’re nice to look at. They can’t pull Twin Magic any more. One of them is slightly more developed in the chest than the other! Rhodes Scholars & The Bellas HAVE to win this. For my sanity if nothing else.

George: Rhodes Scholars & The Bellas.


I hope for the sake of Cody and Sandow, WWE have the sense to have them win in this match. Brodus Clay and his Funkasaurus gimmick has more than over stayed it’s welcome but WWE see new life in him by putting him with Tensai. It’s awful.

Phil: Cody, Sandow and the Bella Twins


Sandow, Rhodes & The Bellas, Just have a feeling that a win here will set them up nicely to win the tag titles in the near future. Tensai & Clay are to comedy act, would they actually gain anything from a win at wrestlemaina?

Jordan: Rhode Scholars and The Bellas


The faces win. That’s the only loginc I can see in this match-up; to appease the fans.

Graeme: Tons of Funk and The Funkydactyls


I am going with my Team of Brodus Clay and Sweet T.

KreSade: Brodus Clay and Sweet T.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Kane/Daniel Bryan (c) vs Dolph Ziggler/Big E Langston 


I’ve got two theories on this. If the WHC match is on first then Ziggler isn’t cashing in, however if it isn’t then he is cashing in (even though I know I predict he will cash in pretty much every month!). So my prediction is pretty much based on whether I think the Del Rio/Swagger match will go on first and I think it will.

Dave: Dolph and Big E


For me, the World Heavyweight Championship match at Mania should be Ziggler defending against Bryan. They’re two of the top three full-time performers in WWE. Period. They’d put on one hell of a match too! But this is WWE. Anyway, I don’t see any value in Dolph Ziggler holding the Tag-Team Championships with Big E – a man who looks like Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on ‘roids. Ziggler and Bryan are better than this. Hopefully Kane and Daniel Bryan retain.

George: Kane and Daniel Bryan


As I said on the Podcast with Dave (Rowdy Roddy Podcast, check us out) this match reeks of just giving Dolph something to do. They’ve really booked themselves into a corner with Dolph having the MITB briefcase. It seems WWE are getting cold feet regarding his main event push and are just postponing the cash-in constantly. He’s running out of time. So now he finds himself in the Tag Title Match but luckily for WWE and this match, AJ is the glue that links everything together. So there is a bit of a story to this but it still isn’t really making me care massively for the tag team titles. I think Hell No will retain again but I do think they should have lost the titles a long time ago.

Phil: Team Hell No retain the Tag Titles


Kane & Bryan , Ziggler is on a good run of wins atm, but i don’t see the advantage of placing a tag title on him while he holds the briefcase. I think that there is a possibility that Big E will have a huge say in the outcome of this match, but i just cant see kane and bryan ending Team Hell No here. (if they were going to split they would have done so a few weeks past i think)

Jordan: Team Hell No


Team Hell No have held the straps for long enough now, but after Langston’s domination of Bryan and Kane in recent weeks, I see Goat Face and Burn Face winning this one.

Graeme: Team Hell No


I think this is the breakup of Kane and Bryan. So I am going with Dolph and Big E. For the Win here.

KreSade: Dolph and Big E

Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton vs The Shield 

Easy peasy lemon squezy. If Ryback, Cena and Sheamus can’t beat The Shield then why should I believe these three can? Simple, I can’t believe these three can.

Dave: The Shield


Loving the work of The Shield. The hounds of justice. The way they’ve been introduced has been excellent. I just hope it continues. I genuinely couldn’t care less about Sheamus, Big Show or Randy Orton. Orton hasn’t been relevant for 18 months now. When was the last time he had an amazing match? Nope. Didn’t think you could answer that. For the future of the WWE, The Shield NEED to win this one.

George: The Shield


I believe in the Shield. Do you believe in the Shield? Well you should. This is a simple one. If a super team of John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback could not beat the Shield then how are we supposed to believe that Orton, Sheamus and Big Show can do it? Shield win and I have a feeling the Shield are going to have a big storyline coming out of Wrestlemania or a big moment on the night. I have an idea what I want it to be but it’s probably best I don’t delve too much into fantasy booking.

Phil: The Shield


The Shield , its hard to believe that they would lose after this huge push, and again the faces don’t gain from the win.

Jordan: The Shield


The Shield. There is no reason what-so-ever for Orton, Sheamus & Show to win this. They got the best of “The Hounds of Justice” on the Go-Home show, so it looks like the Shield are going to continue being booked strongly.

Graeme: The Shield


I am going to pull for the Shield.

KreSade: The Sheild

Ryback vs Mark Henry 

This match is again an easy one I think. Mark Henry doesn’t need the win. Ryback desperately needs the win though as he hasn’t won at a PPV for months. Ryback will also have the awesome Wrestlemania moment where he Shellshocks Henry to finish the match.

Dave: Ryback


As much as I said I didn’t care about the 6-man tag-match, I care EVEN less about this. Ryback makes me snore, and Mark Henry should just be destroying folk whenever the hell he wants. The only thing that I’m happy about here is that we’ll get a longer burst of big Miz-ark’s theme tune. It’s the best one in WWE. Somebody ‘gon get they ass kicked… Somebody ‘gon get they wig split. Just awesome. WWE will probably put Ryback over here, so I’ll pick him.

George: Ryback


Another easy one to predict. It’s gonna be a Ryback victory. Purely because there’s a Wrestlemania Moment coming where Ryback hits Henry with the Shellshock. Lifting a 400lbs+ man up on his shoulders and walking around the ring before slamming him. It’ll look impressive and it’ll cement Ryback as a strong badass.

Phil: Ryback


Ryback , needs the win and if he can destroy Henry then this would put him over majorly.

Jordan: Ryback


Ryback. He needs a win, Henry does not. Simple as that.

Graeme: Ryback


Ryback wins this one. I am a big Ryback mark so I want him to win this one. I believe he can lift Henry up. (As long as he doesn’t blow up again)

KreSade: Ryback

Fandango vs Chris Jericho 

Surprisingly I have bought in to Fandango’s character, which I never thought would happen. Johnny Curtis has done an excellent job getting this terrible gimmick over and hopefully the character gets to evolve a bit over the coming months.

Due to this being his first PPV match and Y2J is on his way out again, I really can’t see Fandango losing here.

Dave: Fandango


Yet again, when WWE need someone to put over a younger star, they turn to Chris Jericho. They’d be fucked without him. You know why I care more about this match than about 80% of the card? Because Jericho MAKES you care about it. It’ll be a great wrestling match. One side note – all the morons chanting “you can’t wrestle” at Fahn… Dahn… Gho need to get a grip. Yes the gimmick is shit, but the dude – Johnny Curtis – CAN wrestle. When he comes to Glasgow after WrestleMania, I’ll be severely pissed if Dave doesn’t start a “You’re a Fan-Dan” at Curtis! Haha… I’d be VERY surprised if Jericho wins this one.

George: Fandango


It pains me to say it but I think Fandango will be given the win here. Rumours are Jericho’s away again after Wrestlemania so don’t be shocked to see him lose here on his road out. The only other alternative is Jericho wins but in the process makes Fandango look a million bucks and actually makes him look a threat. If anyone can do that, it’s Jericho.

Phil: Fandango


Fannnnnnndaaaannnnnggo, Totally loving his gimmick and everything about him, this is one of my highlights and if anyone can put him over Jericho can. Will probably be a dodgy win, but if he could do it cleanly then would send a big message for where WWE are wanting to put him.

Jordan: Fandango


Fandango – but not clean. Jericho is awesome at putting up-and-coming stars over, and he’s about to fuck off on tour with Fozzy. Faawwn-daaawwwn-gooooo needs the heat.

Graeme: Fandango


Fandango will win.

KreSade: Fandango

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger


Here is my piss match. I don’t care about either guy, they both suck ass. They bore the crap out of me and I just don’t see either as main event guys. However, I hate Del Rio that tiny bit less so I’ll go with him to win so Swagger can fuck off back to his losing streak in the midcard.

Dave: Alberto Del Rio


No way this should be the World Title match. Del Rio’s gimmick is no better than Fandango’s, yet del Rio is World Champion. Go figure. The heat that Swagger and Zeb Coulter are drawing is tremendous. It’s cheap, but it’s tremendous. This could honestly go either way, but I’ll go with del Rio retaining.

George: Alberto del Rio


If you’d asked me a month ago, I’d tell you that Swagger was definitely going to win this. Swagger had been repackaged to be more serious and most importantly he had Zeb. I was gripped by this man. Everytime Zeb was on screen, I listened. I wanted to know what he had to say. Unfortunately in recent weeks it really feels like this storyline/gimmick has cooled off. The promos aren’t as interesting anymore. Zeb isn’t as offensive and scathing as he was a month ago. It’s genuinely killing my interest in this match. The other issue is Swagger’s courtcase is after Wrestlemania so in the event he is found guilty, I can’t see WWE putting the title on him anymore. Can only see the babyface prevailing to close this storyline. It could have and should have been a lot better but Swagger killed his own push by getting arrested and it seems WWE’s wimped out with how far they could push it.

Phil: Alberto Del Rio retains the World Heavyweight Championship


Jack Swagger, I hate him and his gimmick and i know the whole drug thing “should cost him this win” but i can see this being the shock win

Jordan: Jack Swagger


Del Rio. Swagger’s “legal issues” need to be dealt with.

Graeme: Del Rio


At this point I think WWE is using the WWE universe’s short attention span. We thought two months ago that swagger was out the door for DUI. WWE sorta brushed it off. But I am growing to like Del Rio. So I am going to pick Del Rio to retain his title.

KreSade: Del Rio

The Undertaker vs CM Punk


I enjoyed the last Raw before Mania leading into this between these two guys, made me care that little bit more. I think this match will be match of the night and can see no reason why it won’t be (even though I said the same about CM Punk/Y2J last year and it wasn’t).

I just can’t see Punk losing though. I think when I’m watching it live from the arena I’ll have a moment where I question that Taker is going to lose, but in the long run I think he will fall. 21-0 its turning into a cricket score.

Dave: The Undertaker


This will be match of the night. By far. Taker only wrestles once a year and he brings it. Punk brings it 365 days a year! Even the genius of CM Punk can’t persuade me to buy WrestleMania. It’ll be the first time in 15 years I’ve not bought it. I’ve loved the build to the match and I can’t wait to find out what happens. If, and this is a big if, Undertaker wants the streak to end, there’s no better man to end it than Punk. He’s the present, and future, of the company, and the only one who could handle having that hang over him for the rest of his career. If WWE TRULY believe in Punk, they’ll have him end the streak. Otherwise, it’s the worst business decision they could ever make.

George: CM Punk


A few months ago when I heard this match was rumoured to be happening I had heard the whispers that Undertaker, himself, had chosen Punk to end the winning streak. I had managed to convince a small part of myself that CM Punk would do it but with the way things have went in recent weeks, it’s foolish to think Punk will win. With all the dickish antics that Punk has conducted using the Urn and making fun of Paul Bearer there will only be one outcome. Undertaker wins and gets puts CM Punk in his place. The big question still remains though, had Paul Bearer not passed away, what would their plan for this storyline have been?

Phil: The Undertaker


Taker, as much as CM Punk winning would be epic, just cant see the streak end

Jordan: Undertaker


Taker. There’s no way some Punk is going to beat the streak.

Graeme: Undertaker


Taker wins this one.

KreSade: The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match with Triple H’s Career On The Line: Brock Lesnar vs Triple H (Shawn Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner)


Now this one is a fucker to predict! I really think both guys have a good chance of winning this one. However with Lesnar being booked for the Payback PPV it kinda sways me towards HHH getting his revenge at Mania and Lesnar will win the rubber match later in the year.

Dave: HHH


This match was butt-fuck ugly at SummerSlam and the only reason this will be ANY better is because Shawn Michaels is involved. Remember last year’s Mania? Shawn sold the Hell in a Cell match just as much with his facial expressions as Taker and HHH did with their physicality. It’ll be the same here. If ANYONE thinks HHH is retiring, you’re a moron. It’s obvious HHH is winning this, even though it’s completely the wrong decision. As soon as Paul Heyman announced the stipulation, I knew HHH would win.

George: HHH


I’m in the minority here but I think Brock Lesnar’s going to win this one. The stipulation of Triple H’s career being on the line just screams out to me that this is gonna be Hunter’s last match (well, maybe). Triple H obviously wants to concentrate more on the corporate side of things and running backstage, not having to worry about having to appear on TV again. Here is his perfect chance to do it. I think there’s more of a story in the babyface going down to the big, bad, evil Brock Lesnar and ending his career in the process but putting up a valiant fight in the process. It keeps Brock’s character looking dominant and it means Triple H doesn’t need to worry about coming back for another match in an attempt to boost ratings or PPV buys.
Phil: Brock Lesnar


Lensar, even if HHH was to retire he will be around on screen and will 100% definitely wrestle again. it is WWE and they will find a way. HBK being in the corner is the excuse to carry him to the back after the match a beaten man.

Jordan: Lesnar


HHH. Lesnar could do with the win, if he’s going to be on RAW more in the coming weeks, but HHH isn’t going to end his career at WM and he sure isn’t going to let a talent like Lesnar go 2-0 against him.

Graeme: HHH


With HBK in HHH corner in a no holds barred match. I would say HHH wins this one.

KreSade: HHH

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs. The Rock


I dream of a Cena heel turn and it would make a lot of sense, but I think even if WWE has it planned they will shit it and just go for a clean Cena victory. I really can’t see The Rock losing, but honestly based on the crowd reaction on Monday night Cena should lose, no top face has ever got booed like he does which shows that WWE are pushing him in the wrong way. Naturally we want to see an underdog succeed and Cena hasn’t looked like an underdog for 90% of his career, however I do think we will go back to the status quo.

Dave: John Cena


Are you a Cena-Crat or a Rock-Publican? How about option C? I’m in the %age of the crowd who couldn’t give a fuck. Let’s get this straight right now. Cena AIN’T turning heel. It’s never going to happen. Mainly cos there’s not another full-time babyface on his level to go up against him. As for The Rock? Don’t get me wrong. I’m one of the millions… AND MILLIONS… but he shouldn’t be champ. No way a part-timer should be champion, regardless of who it is. As for the outcome, I’d actually prefer it if Rock won, but I can see Cena “getting redemption” and subjecting us to at least 6 months of shitty promos and matches. Yawn…

George: John Cena


Alright for this match I’m gonna talk about it in two ways. First off here’s the fantasy booking side of things. Something I want to see happen and think would be awesome if it did but remember it’s fantasy booking. While it might be a good idea on paper, don’t read this and convince yourself it’s going to happen because you’ll probably just end up disappointed.

FANTASY BOOKED ENDING: Cena is revealed as the leader of the Shield. He was behind it all along. He brought in these three young guns to help him. They derailed Ryback’s push when it was expected Ryback was gonna take Cena’s spot at the top of the company and they ensured The Rock got the title so Cena could get his revenge on The Rock at Wrestlemania. During the match have all the lights go out and when they come back on, The Rock is out cold. Cena pins him for the title. Then afterwards as he stands over a fallen Rock, The Shield suddenly emerge from under the ring and stand alongside Cena. Get a camera close up of him simply saying “I had to do it, Rock. I had to do it”. Simple.

Remember the Q&A session on Raw where Cena snapped and said “I HAVE TO BEAT YOU ROCK! I HAVE TO!”. Making him sound desperate and having a similar feeling to the build up to Austin vs Rock at Wrestlemania 17. Austin “HAD” to beat Rock and he did anything he could to ensure it happened by aligning with Vince. Then there was the line this past week on Raw where Cena assured the WWE Universe that they would see something they thought they’d never see. Could it be another hint dropped? Doubtful but we live in smarky hope.

WHAT’S MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN: Cena wins via the Attitude Adjustment. He and The Rock shake hands at the end. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Phil: John Cena wins the WWE Championship


The Rock, I’m only saying this because I’m hoping rather than predicting. Cena sucks!

Jordan: The Rock


Cena. Eugh. Fuck. Eugh. I don’t even want or need to say why. We all know what’s happening and it sickens me as much as it does you.

Winner: Cena


Neither guy really impressed me with the promo’s in recent weeks. But I want to go with Cena.

KreSade: Cena

Well that is us! Done and dusted!

I hope you guys have a great Wrestlemania weekend and if you are going to be about New York for it feel free to Tweet me @DaveFCIC and buy me a beer!

Thanks guys!