Dave Scott – This Week

Hey there guys! Dave Scott here for some lovely Monday night wrestling chat.

Now first off I would like to start with saying that I watched the CM Punk DVD documentary tonight and it is safe to say that it is brilliant. The way it has been put together and the whole presentation of the DVD is great, which to be honest isn’t too much of a surprise as most of WWE’s documentaries are really good. This one is definitely up there with the best though and I highly recommend you watch it! I’m not going to get all preachy about watching it online or buying it, do whatever you want, but if you are a CM Punk fan I would highly suggest you buy it so WWE can see that the fans are behind CM Punk and do more things like this involving him.

This week though I’ve came into my column with not much idea of what I am going to write about to be completely honest. So I’m just going to touch on a few different points.

First up is TNA. Now I haven’t seen the Bound For Glory as of yet, I will probably watch it on Challenge when it airs on Wednesday though. However from what I have read about it so far it doesn’t sound like a ground breaking show of the year which it is supposed to be for TNA. I have only really seen the title changes that took place at it and from what it looks like TNA are moving backwards instead of going forwards in relation to their titles. Without seeing it I don’t want to judge too much but from the results I have seen it certainly seems that putting the title on Austin Aries as quickly as they did was perhaps the wrong idea in the long run. That show should have been headlined by James Storm and Bobby Roode for the TNA title, which looked to be the plan until Aries won the title.

With the whole moving backwards, it seems to be proven even further due to the fact that RVD won the X-Division title. RVD definitely does not need that title, if anything he should be used at this point in his career to put over talents. Putting the title on RVD will probably just make them forget the title again and not do anything with it.

Staying on the topic of TNA, Chavo won the TNA tag titles with Hernandez and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is what Chavo tweeted about The Miz this week. For those of you who haven’t seen it here it is:

“Just found out that the biggest pu$$& in the biz @mikethemiz was talking smack about me. I am going to destroy u next time I see u.”

Now I think I speak for most people when I say, shut up Chavo. Why would you even write that stuff online? He is being a total idiot. Chavo has been perhaps one of the most pointless wrestlers in the last 10 years, the only reason he stayed in a job at WWE for as long as he did was due to his surname, which is a harsh thing to say, however I feel it is definitely true. Chavo is saying this stuff in that tweet due to what I would feel to be jealousy. Now I’m not saying that Chavo is a bad wrestler or anything as such, just he is destined to be a midcarder for life and I think he probably knows that. There we have The Miz though, who is much younger than Chavo, who has already won the big one, which I’m sure Chavo would have killed to do and that probably kills Chavo inside. My point being even if Chavo was to “destroy” The Miz, that wouldn’t change a thing and The Miz will always have done more noteworthy things in his short career than Chavo has done in his long career.

Less negative now and onto the positive which is what is going on in WWE at the moment which is the whole Punk/Cena/Ryback saga. I’m liking the whole not knowing of where this is going. It is good to keep the Cena and Punk feud fresh whilst building Ryback as a main event player in the company. Now that they have Ryback fighting with full on Superstars rather than jobbers I am enjoy his rampage through the roster. Having another guy up the card in the main event can only benefit all the main eventers on the roster as it gives them all someone knew to fight against. Hopefully with Ryback moving up the card it will just open up new feuds in the future for everyone.

With that being said that is me for this week guys!

Have a great week!