Dave Scott – Week in Review

Hey there muckers! Dave Scott here for the usual Monday night blabbering. This week I was going to write about Raw again to go with the whole thousandth episode theme, but the columns I’ve got planned are going to take a lot more work than I usually take for them. So this week I’m going to go through the last week of wrestling that I have watched. That being Raw, Smackdown and the back end of Destination X.

So let’s start with Raw.

Last week on Raw we furthered the CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and AJ saga. This storyline in itself is extremely compelling, I can’t make a decision on which way I think it is going to go. It is keeping me interested in this story. I mean Daniel Bryan and CM Punk can put on great matches, but you need a story to keep the interest going on it. That is what I felt the problem with the Jericho and Punk storyline was, the story didn’t keep me interested in what was going on and I felt it had an effect on the matches as I didn’t have enough interest in them as I should have because of the storyline that was leading up to the matches.

They have hit the nail on the head with this whole feud and the whole table thing was great. Yet again I wasn’t to sure which way it was going to go and when she pushed them both through the table it was great and much better than expected. So more of this please WWE.

Also on Raw we had Tyson Kidd defeating Tensai and to that I say thank god. I don’t see how WWE could have thought that anyone could have seen Tensai as a legitimate threat, he was the the guy that was named after a penis for gods sake. A lot of people have said to me that he has improved and maybe he has, but he will never be a main event player. Tyson Kidd on the other hand may also be in the bracket of not being a main event player, however he could definitely succeed further up the card. Tyson is great in the ring, matches with guys like Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Kofi, Ziggler could definitely help push his career, he needs a bit of work on his mic skills, but that will come from getting more time on TV.

Raw this week wasn’t the greatest of all time, but definitely an improvement over the last few weeks that we have had. Plus seeing DDP was awesome as is Heath Slater!

Now onto Smackdown.

First of all I love Smackdown being on live on a Tuesday. I don’t watch Smackdown that regularly when it is on Fridays, usually reading the spoilers mean that I don’t need to watch it and its rare that I’m not out or with mates on a Friday to watch it. Tuesday nights are a much better slot, the lack of spoilers makes it more appealing and having it during the week definitely adds to the appeal as the only thing I ever watch on TV at a weekend is football when I’m hungover on a Sunday.

Regardless of that on Smackdown we got a bit more from the Punk storyline which is good, but I’ve already spoke about that so what I’m going to mainly talk about here is the battle royal. I was really happy to see Ryder win the battle royal and really hope it is the start of some form of push again for the guy. Ryder has been wasted so much this year, here you have a guy that is incredibly over and you book him to get beat of Jack Swagger and then be Kane’s bitch for a few months. I would have been fine with the Kane beatings if he had actually gotten some revenge on him, but he never did. The closest to revenge he has gotten was in the battle royal by eliminating Kane. I would love to see Ryder get his hands on the IC title, would have been ideal if Christian was heel.

Apart from those two things I felt Smackdown was pretty uneventful and I didn’t care to much for the Slaughter and Hacksaw segment as those two guys appear every few months so its not like its a surprise or anything when they show up.

Lastly I’m going to go onto Destination X.

I didn’t see all of Destination X so I’m limited to what I can say about it. I did see from the AJ and Daniels match though, which was a decent match, but there wasn’t much to it that we haven’t already seen before and I feel we get this quite often in TNA. I didn’t get to see it but pretty much the same thing with Joe and Angle, which I assume was a great match but highly doubt there was anything that hadn’t been done before.

I felt the Ultimate X match was far to short, later I found out that Sonjay Dutt was injured during the match so don’t know if that had something to play with that, but regardless felt it was a bit rushed and when Ion won the match I was just thinking “is that it?” However its good to see a fresh face with the X Division title without having Aries lose it.

Now Aries winning the TNA title was a true mark out moment for me, I didn’t see it coming and when it happened I could not believe it. The two guys had a great match and I’m looking forward to seeing a rematch from the two of them. I did think for a little bit this morning that it may have been a bit rushed and that they should have kept the title on Roode and yeah there is arguments towards that, but when I really think about it, I think that Aries winning the title is a huge moment in TNA history and from the feedback I seen online, I think that TNA have made the correct option with Aries as he is definitely over. I’m really looking forward to some fresh feuds with Aries as there is some great talent in the upper midcard and main event scene in TNA for him to go against.

Well that is me for tonight guys! Hope you enjoy the rest of Raw.

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Cheers guys.