Dave Scott: Wherefore Art Thou Tag Teams?

Hello there guys and gals of the wrestling world, Dave Scott calling in for some usual Monday night blabbering.

This week on Raw we got a close to pretty much every single story in the wrestling world which felt kind of strange to me as usually not all of the rivalries end so abruptly at one time however I’m not here to talk about that. What I’m here to talk about is the state of the tag team division as it is. I’m not going to rant on for to long for you all, but just some general views on the whole thing.

It seems so long ago that we had so many brilliant teams in the WWE. There was some also some not so great teams along with that but still added something to the division. What I feel WWE doesn’t realise that tag teams can be used to help build wrestlers careers. A lot of wrestlers that went on to become huge names in the business made a name of themselves within a tag team, guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Booker T and countless others. Even guys that were never destined to be the biggest names in the business even benefited heavily from tag team wrestling as it gave them something to do and they then made a name for themselves through being in a tag team.

Looking into that a bit more you have a team like The New Age Outlaws who were two guys that were never going to be a world champion, however they got put together and it worked and they were arguably one of the best tag teams of the Attitude era. When I personally think of the attitude era one of the first things I think of is Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. This is because of them being able to make themselves through the tag team division and also through being part of a stable, which is also something that isn’t used to the same degree in recent years. Another team that benefited from the boys upstairs not really having much to do with them was Bradshaw and Farooq. They managed to make their mark on the tag team division and then after Bradshaw went solo he then went on to win the WWE title even though that every did doubt that he would be good with the title, I felt he proved everyone wrong and went on to have a very successful run on the main event scene.

All WWE needs to do is put more into their tag teams, ensure that they get regular air time. Even if the feud main goes through on Smackdown it would still mean that they are getting TV time. It is a shame that Evan Bourne went the way he did as Air Boom seemed to be bringing something back to tag team wrestling and they could have easily build it around that team. I can’t see R-Truth and Kofi having the same kind of feel as Air Boom, however hopefully I am wrong and they can help the progression of tag team wrestling in the WWE.

This does seem something that we all seemed to have been holding our breath for, for quite sometime, but hopefully they can just give it that push in the right direction and we can start to see the building of new stars going forward through this.

But that is me for this week folks hope you all enjoy Raw!


Dave Scott

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