David Otunga Discusses Life Before WWE, Working Out & Being Different Growing Up

David Otunga talked about life before WWE during an interview with BodyBuilding.com.

“I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from University of Illinois, and following that I managed a cognitive neuroscience lab at Columbia University. After that I went to Harvard for law school … and then reality TV came calling, so I starred in VH1’s “I Love NY 2.”

Otunga also spoke on growing up very different than the way he is now.

“I didn’t always look like I do today. Growing up as a kid in Elgin, IL I was short, chubby, I had thick glasses and – to make things worse – I did pretty well in school … Kids used to make fun of my all the time … Everyone just seemed so athletic and so buff, and I just wasn’t … Around my Freshman year I decided to start taking the gym seriously.”

While on the road with WWE, Otunga still finds time to work out at least five times every week.

“Luckily, I’m able to find a gym everywhere we go – that’s my first priority. As soon as I land and get off the plane, the first thing I do is go to the gym … Wednesday’s I’m super tired because I always take the first flight home, but this is my toughest work out. The next day is Thursday, which is usually a chest day. The next day is Friday, which I usually fly back out on the road to do live events. The first thing I’ll do is I find a gym … then I have the show that night, and then we drive to the next city. Which takes us to Saturday; sleep for a few hours, wake up, and then find the gym. Hammer that out, have the show that night, and then drive to the next city.”