David Otunga Returns To Courtroom, Details On WWE’s Writing Staff

– WWE superstar David Otunga dusted off the old Harvard Law degree on Thursday and returned to the court room as a defense attorney. According to TMZ.com, Otunga represented a man who believes he was wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits. This was the man’s appeal to the NY State Department of Labor. The judge heard from witnesses and then arguments from both sides, and Otunga told TMZ that he, “smoked the witness during cross examination.” Otunga’s client won the appeal and will now get unemployment benefits.

Otunga was quoted saying that he keeps his legal skills sharp and:

“If the outcome of the case is any indication of how I’ll do in the Royal Rumble this weekend, then it looks like I’ll be the winner.”

– Stephanie McMahon recently told Entertainment Weekly that WWE has 16 writers, plus Vince McMahon – who has final say on everything.

“Vince is very open to listening and discussing different ideas, but once he makes his final decision, he’s the boss.”

She added that she has a one-on-one meeting with Vince each week.

She also stated that WWE is looking at ways to develop new programming for their original content partnership with YouTube.