Dean Ambrose Talks Origins Of The Shield, Current Role In The WWE & More

The Shield

Below is an interview from the Daily Mountain Eagle with WWE US Champions Dean Ambrose, who was promoting Tuesday’s SmackDown taping at BJCC in Birmingham, AL. Ambrose discusses the origins of The Shield, and their current role in the WWE:

One WWE superstar who is prepared to make an impact at the event is United States Champion Dean Ambrose, one-third of The Shield faction, which has dominated the wrestling world for the past year.

“We go out there and try to outwork everyone else,” Ambrose said of himself and his Shield teammates, Seth Rollings and Roman Reigns. “We do what we have to do every night. If I have to defend my U.S. Title, wrestle in a six-man tag match and then go out for another match that’s not televised, that’s what I do. That’s how The Shield competes. We get the job done.”

Ambrose said he knew The Shield would be a force in the WWE from the first day they were put together. He said the group is still evolving.

“No one really came up with The Shield. It’s an organic thing,” Ambrose said. “We’ve never said, ‘This is what The Shield is going to be.’ We just go out and let things flow. We do a lot of stuff off the cuff. We are unpredictable, and that’s what makes us so dangerous.”

In recent weeks, The Shield has worked closely with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

“We are basically paid mercenaries,” Abrose said. “If someone needs a job done, they pay The Shield. Lately, we’ve been in the middle of this power struggle that’s going on. Triple H has paid us to do a job, and that’s what we will do. I’m sure we will be called upon in Birmingham. If The Shield is in the building, we are going to make an impact.”