Death of Wrestling: Wade Barrett

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better.

Right off the bat I’m going to say that I am a fan of Wade Barrett… he’s actually a friend of a friend of mine and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him, both in and out of the ring. The next thing that I need to say is that I don’t think Wade Barrett will lead to the DOW… So why is this week’s edition named Wade Barrett..? Well my friends… that’s simple…

Kofi Kingston, Ricky Steamboat and Santino Marella… Wait a minute… did I just jump the gun… Yep, I think I did… I need to take you back to last February when Wade unfortunately injured himself in an over the top rope Battle Royale… Up until then Wade had been slated/rumoured to win a MITB match at Wrestlemania and we all know what happens to MITB winners: superstardom.

Fast forward several months and Wade’s Barrett Barrage is back once more and everyone is saying that he is going to pick up right where he left off: destined for greatness. Things seemed like they were heading in the right direction; we got the obligatory squash matches that told us we’re looking at a future main eventer… but then the unthinkable happened… Kofi Kingston.

I’m a fan of Kofi, but should Wade Barrett be in a feud with him? What does that do for either person? We know that Barrett is destined for stardom, so Kofi is going to lose this feud – definitely not what he wants or needs right now… And Wade should be facing people up the ladder, not down (sorry Kofi but it’s true)…

The inevitable happened and Wade took the belt, but it’s a belt he shouldn’t have… it’s actually a belt that Kofi needs right now if we are to ever really believe him as a singles main eventer… Instead, Wade has it and he then goes in to a feud with Ricky and Santino?!? Does this still sound like the same guy who was slated to win the big one?!? What Wade really needs is a feud similar to Ziggler’s where he takes on one of the number one guys; even if there’s no belt involved. Randy Orton springs to mind, but not if it’s a typical Randy squashes everyone feud!!!

Life of Wrestling: There’s a lot of good right now, but I can’t let this week slide without recognising the return of the Great One. But this is not praising the Rock, it’s actually praising CM Punk and the people backstage who recognised that for the angle to work, the fans would have to hate Punk… And Punk delivered another pipe bomb, but this time he used it to make the fans hate him, so that they wouldn’t cheer for him over the Rock… I like this because it makes me think that people are actually thinking about the product they put out and that, my friends, isn’t always clear!

That’s all folks… As always, post your comments, thoughts and opinions below! Or message me on twitter and let me know what you think the ‘Death of Wrestling’ is and I might just blog about it!!! Peace and I’m out…

  • tobimobi

    I agree in my opinion Barret could win the big one tomorrow and I would believe it. But Kofi I cant see beating anybody and buy into it except Hornswaggel and Cole. He has no appeal ro me at all.