Debut Pro Wrestler Column – “From The Ashes” – My Introduction

According to statistics, the average length of a British marriage is 11 years and six months, which is about the same as it was for 12th century peasants so it is with some pride that I’ve now managed a 16 year marriage with Professional Wrestling and also avoided death from the black plague during the time.

I have wrestled throughout the UK for the biggest companies of the modern era and also trained with Dave Taylor, William Regal and Chris Benoit in 2003. I also had a WWE Tryout in 2004.

Having first set foot in a training school in 1996 and treading the boards and canvas professionally since 1998, wrestling has become my bride, my best friend, my arch enemy and on occasion, my heart & soul. It is through that decade and a half relationship that I have decided to branch off into another direction and put a bit of a “wrestler view” into perspective and share my opinions, insights, knowledge and take on all things wrestling with the PWMania fans.

I’ve been to the top of the mountain and the bottom of the well, beaten the best and lost to the worst and loved every minute of it. I will be looking to add something to the PWMania universe weekly whether it be current affairs and hot topics in the wrestling world or nostalgia trips or even the occasional rant but throughout I hope you, the reader, will enjoy my input and please, ask questions or suggest topics you would like to either see answered or covered.

To start off, I have a few articles from the past couple of years I have written about some elements close to my wrestling heart that I would like to share to whet your appetite. Hopefully enough to suggest something you’d like to hear my side on so stay tuned! Please post your comments below!