Debut Pro Wrestler Column – “Underneath the Mask” by Masked Gentleman

Welcome to my first article for, so glad I can be with you and the PWMania crew working for them to give you my insight on the industry we all truly love.

A little about me to make sure we are all on the same page, I am a former Pro Wrestler back in the 1990’s, didn’t last too long, didn’t win any championships, but still learned through hard work and diligence with my trainers. I was in a Independent league that was briefly named California Wrestling Federation based out of Los Angeles, California. They never were big on talent, and never to my knowledge had top stars make it through there, but it was a very hard nose ran operation.

I played a heel as my formed character Masked Gentleman came about. I had a blast making you fans irate, while taking all that you all had to give me back as inspiration to keep mauling any babyface that stepped into the ring across from me. I had all the usual heel attributes, I was not nice, I broke all the rules, and more than likely was disqualified on many a show. But to say I am like that to my face would be asking me for an autograph after you threw your concessions at me at ringside.

I reside now in Las Vegas, Nevada with my son and live quite happily now, even though I do miss the ring, and would like to get back into the ring, or around the ring in some capacity with a manager, or announcer position. Now being a Masked wrestler, I often don’t get too noticed until I slap on my Black Hat and Mask on, which is good when I want to be noticed, if wrestling fans want to come up for an autograph when I am masked up, I have no problem with it. In fact I encourage it.

Now for the matter of why I am now writing for one of the best wrestling websites on the Internet. Well I wanted to give you what I thought would be my view on why the WWE and TNA are looking as they do, and what I see they can and should change and what really needs to be done with these two major companies. I will also tell you about up and comers who you need to really keep an eye on as well. I expect to get a lot of questions and comments, both positive and negative, which is part of any situation in writing, Most fans are devoted to their top performers and will give you so much heat is anything bad is said about them. I will tell ya I am not truly a fan of CM Punk, which I am sure may turn some heads. And I think there are far better wrestlers that need a push now a days, other than the same ol routine of Top names like Cena, Orton, and CM Punk. In TNA, Well if I catch it on Thursday night’s I found a new reason to start watching it again, and that person I will reveal in my next column. If this person is pushed and managed right, will be Huge for TNA, as he already has made an impact on the indy circuit.

So if you want to be part of the Black & Blue Crew on Twitter, you can follow me there my Twitter name is @DICEWrestling, (I will get into why that is my Twitter account too) and feel free to leave comments, questions, and thoughts to and I look forward to diving into the ring next week. Till then my friends, don’t forget if you see a Tall Dark and Masked man, chances are you’re my opponent or your about to be part of a happening. #MG4LYFE

Masked Gentleman