Del Rio Not Happy About Mistico, Hall, Nash, Waltman & More

– One of our WWE sources is under the impression that Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio is not very happy that there’s another Mexican wrestling star, Mistico, coming to WWE. Del Rio knows that Rey Mysterio’s in-ring career will not last forever and apparently does not want competition in being seen as WWE’s top Mexican performer.

– WWF Wrestling Buddies, the early 1990s pillow toys most of us have given a few off-the-couch elbow drops to, were ranked as one of the 100 Best Toys of all-time by Time Magazine.

– Kevin Nash is starring in a new DVD movie called Monster Brawl which also stars former WWE star Kurrgan, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart and UFC referee Herb Dean.

– Scott Hall wrote on Twitter that he and fellow Kliq member Sean Waltman will be filming