Deleted Total Divas Scene, The Rock’s New Movie Released, WWE Supporting MDA

– E! Online published footage of a deleted scene from last Sunday’s episode of Total Divas. The footage features Natalya and Eva Marie taking a break from partying and gambling, while discussing JoJo’s fling with Justin Gabriel. Natalya also revealed that it was her first time gambling.

– Empire State, which stars Emma Roberts, Liam Hemsworth and The Rock, was released direct-to-DVD yesterday. Normally The Rock makes mentions of his film releases on Twitter, but not this time around.

– Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell spoke to Monday Night Mayhem about WWE’s involvement in supporting the MDA.

“They (the WWE) are always so great in saying ‘What can we do to support you?’ Ironically, ever since that year I talked to you guys (in 2009), they have been involved with MDA ever since,” said O’Dell. “They have been there to support and help out with social media. The great thing is that they didn’t only do it one year. As soon as they got on board, they continued doing it for the years after. We are always looking to do something. They’ve asked me to come out for SummerSlam and promote Betty’s Battle.”