Detailed Impact Quarter-Hour TV Ratings 3/27 & Video Preview For This Thursday’s Impact

– TNA Impact on Thursday, March 27 officially scored a 0.93 rating. Impact opened with a 0.99 rating in the first hour and dropped to a 0.87 rating in the second hour.

For the second consecutive week, Spike TV ran a movie – instead of a “Cops” episode – leading into Impact, which hurt the Q1 and overall show rating.

Impact actually peaked in Q4, for the Beautiful People finishing their discussion of a potential reunion. Impact then declined at the top of the second hour for the Bobby Roode-Bully Ray brawl.

The Beautiful People talking segment drew a 1.04 rating in Q4, but Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne drew a 0.85 rating in Q6.

Also, the main event of James Storm vs. Gunner drew the lowest quarter-hour of the show in Q8.

3/27 Impact Break Down

Q1: Impact opened with a 1.02 rating for MVP setting the stage for the show, plus one commercial. (Last week’s non-Cops lead-in show started with a 0.95 rating.)

Q2: Impact stayed at a 1.02 rating for the conclusion of the show-opening promo exchange, one commercial, and the first portion of The Wolves vs. TNA World champ Magnus & Abyss.

Q3: Impact fell to a 0.89 rating for two full commercial breaks and the opening tag match.

Q4: Impact jumped to a show-high 1.04 rating for the Beautiful People’s discussion, plus one commercial. TNA typically puts two commercials in the Q4 segment, but Q3 was dragged down by a double commercial segment this week.

Q5: Impact dropped to a 0.95 rating for Bully-Roode, one commercial, and non-wrestling segments.

Q6: Impact fell to a 0.85 rating for Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love, one commercial, and ring introductions for the next match.

Q7: Impact remained at a 0.85 rating for Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young, one commercial, and ring introductions for the main event.

Q8: Impact slipped to a show-low 0.82 rating for the promoted main event of Gunner vs. James Storm, plus one commercial.

– Below is the video preview to Thursday’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling: