Detailed Live News & Notes From This Week’s WWE Raw

– PWMania reader Bobby Rudasill sent along the following live notes from this week’s Raw:

I just got home from WWE RAW. Pretty decent show, not the best. Before WWE Superstars started a loud “TNA” chant erupted (sadly). A guy a few sections away from me had a sign with a picture of John Cena holding the WWE Divas Title that said “The Womens Champ Is Here!” and everybody was cheering and clapping.

A HUGE “Daniel Bryan” chant broke out before the show even started.

TONS of Michael Cole signs in the crowd tonight. Some said “And I quote… Michael Cole is a tool!” and there were a few “Cole Miners” signs.

Everybody was “WHOO’ing” throughout Superstars.

WWE Superstars: Primo vs Darren Young. Primo got zero reaction, and Darren Young got booed. Thankfully Young doesn’t have that horrible looking hair anymore. Alot of “BORING” chants broke out. After the match, Young got cheered by alot of people. Probably cheering that the match was over.

Melina vs Alicia Fox – People were still coming to their seats at this time, so nobody cared. Melina got a good ovation, while Alicia Fox got nothing, except for a whole bunch of “She’s wearing a weave” chants. Good stuff, boring match.

Once RAW started, the event wasn’t even close to a sell out. The Key Arena holds anywhere from 8 – 10,000 people. There were only about 4 or 5 thousand there. On the camera side it was completely EMPTY!! So it was funny when a wrestler would pose for the camera, with nobody over there in the seats.

RAW started off with John Cena (of course!). He got his round of boo’s, but sadly Cenation was in effect today. When he was on the mic he got quite a few “BORING” chants. Barrett got little to no reaction. The Miz got a huge reaction. Alot of Mizfits in Seattle.

R-Truth vs DiBiase. First of all, there was complete silence for Ted DiBiase, along with R-Truth (who got booed). Everybody was yelling for Truth to go back to his “WHATS UP” theme song, as his new theme blows. Truth was booed until he got on the mic and said “SEATTLE WASHINGTON!” that won back the fans. Goldust music hit and the crowd went nuts. I was thrilled to see that Goldust is getting a reaction and FINALLY put in a storyline.

John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd – Morrison got a good reaction from all the girls. He got booed from the guys. Tyson Kidd got a reaction when his music first hit as people thought it was Bret Hart. When they found out it was him, they just shut up and sat down. Crowd was completely dead for this match.

Santino Marella vs Zack Ryder – When Ryder’s music hit, you could literally hear a pin drop. NO reaction for Ryder what so ever. No cheers, no boos, no nothing. Everybody went to the bathroom during his entrance. When Santino came out, he got a HUGE reaction and everybody loved seeing him. And instant “SANTINO” chant broke out. Seattle absolutely loved Santino!

Justin Gabriel vs Randy Orton – Nexus barely got any reaction all night. Randy Orton came out to one of the biggest pops of the night. Crowd was really hot for this match. Huge Orton marks everywhere.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus – By far the biggest ovation of the night goes to Bryan Danielson. Due to the fact that he’s the home town boy. He ate up all the “Daniel Bryan” chants that broke out through the match. Sheamus had a helluva reaction as well. Sheamus was way over. People were rooting for both DB & Sheamus. When Sheamus won, alot of cheers.

Evan Bourne vs CM Punk – Bourne came out to no reaction, which I was really surprised about. CM Punk was cheered big time. The second the match started a huge “CM PUNK” chant started. After the match, when the cameras were off, Bourne was walking back up the ramp and was getting booed big time. Alot of anti-Bourne fans in the arena tonight.

Natalya went out for an interview, and when she got on the mic she got booed as nobody cared what was going on. LayCool came out to Vickie Guerrero heat. Tons of “BORING” chants through this whole horrible segment. Nobody cared about the whole segment, and nobody was into any of the divas all night.

The Miz vs John Cena – The Miz to another round of cheers. By this time, the crowd got sick of seeing John Cena. I wish this was EWR so you could get a message from your booker saying “You over used John Cena at your last taping. The fans started to get sick of seeing him.” If only Vince McMahon got that memo.

The crowd was red hot for this whole match. Tons of people marked out when The Miz got the win. Alot of “Cena Sucks” chants. Also, during his entrance I flipped off Cena, and security came up to me and said “You can’t do that. This is a PG environment!” I said “I’ve been coming to these events for 25 years!” and she said “WERE PG!! NOT RATED R!!” Ridiculous!

The whole segment that took place between Barrett and Cena after the match was the highlight of the night. The crowd ate it up and loved it. Everybody was way into it. Barrett got TONS of cheers when he said “You can’t see me” to Cena. That was awesome!

When RAW went off the air, Justin Roberts got on the mic and said it’s time for the main event. Sheamus, and Orton come out. Then Cena’s music hits but Barrett gets on the mic and says he orders Cena to stay in the back as Barrett will be wrestling for him.

The match was about 5 minutes long. Barrett and Sheamus double teamed Orton, until Sheamus gave the bicycle kick to Barrett and Orton RKO’d Sheamus for the win. After the match, Roberts got on the mic and thanked us for coming out and said he will see us in May.

Over all it was a decent show. Definitely not the best one I’ve been too. John Cena got incredibly over used, along with Nexus. Fans were pissed that Bryan Danielson is a jobber with a title.

Biggest Pop: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, Goldust/Santino/CM Punk

Biggest Heat: LayCool (BY FAR!), Michael Cole