Detailed Live Report From Last Night’s WWE Raw

Reader Dusty sent in the following live report:

Hey there. I went to Monday Night RAW in Edmonton, and here a report form the night. Smackdown was here last year, but I think that there were more people at RAW. There was a TON of signs, most I’ve seen at the events I’ve gone too. The crowd was hot all night long. I went with my Dad who hates watching wrestling on TV, but LOVES going to it live. My cousins also went, but sat in a different section. It was their first event and they want to go again (no surprise!) My Dad and I had floor seats (row 3, opposite hard camera), and to be honest, I prefer sitting in the lower stands. Unless I was right in the front row, I;m going to get seats in the stands next time. There was a group of bigger, rowdy guys in front of us, and were standing for the majority of the show. Aside from that, it was cool being so close to the ring, and seeing everything up close. There was no dark match before or after the show.

Here is a recap from the matches for Superstars.

Sheamus vs Heath Slater was OK, nothing great. Sheamus won. Sheamus was way over with the crowd, and cheered him throughout the match. I first saw Sheamus in 2009 on ECW in a match against Gloats. He’s come a long way, and look forward to what will be in store for him next. Slater got booed, and there were several Wendy’s chants. Good match to start the night.

Up next was Daniel Bryan vs Drew McIntyre. This was a excellent, fast paced match, with Bryan winning with the Guillotine Choke. This was my first time seeing Daniel Bryan live, and I really liked seeing him live, awesome in the ring. I’ve seen Drew before, and I like him. I’m hoping to see him get into some kind of feud.

I didn’t think that we would see a Smackdown match, and an inter-promotional match, I was expecting, Ryder, Hawkins, someone along those lines.

Up next Jim Ross, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler came out for RAW. JR and Lawler got a great ovation, and cole got nuclear heat, as I expected he would!

Ricardo came out and stood in the ring. The opening video came on, and the onto the RAW intro. No pyro.

Ricardo introduces Del Rio who comes out in a Lamborghini. Del Rio was not cheered much at all. After only getting two words out, Cena’s music hits, mixed reaction for him, I’d say 50/50. Del Rio and him exchange some words, which brings out Punk. Huge ovation for CM Punk. The three of them talk, but I had trouble hearing what they were saying, the crowd was very loud. After several minuted HHH comes out, and says Del Rio has a match and it’s next, and he announces the main event, Cena vs Punk which the crowd loved. This brought us to the first commercial break.

Back from the break Del Rio is the ring ready for his match. Morrison is introduced and gets cheered for the most part. I liked this match. Last year when SD was in Edmonton, it was Del Rio vs Morrison. This year, their match was better. There were some nice spots by Morrison. Del Rio attacks Morrison post match.


Nikki vs Eve was up next. Bellas got a few cheers but not much. Eve and Kelly Kelly were well liked. I haven’t seen Eve live before, and I never really used to like her, but I’m beginning too. The crowd, at least those around me weren’t into the match. I don’t know if it got onto TV, but there were a few chants including, “Let’s go Oilers!” as well as “We Want Puppies!” LOL. There was someone with a sign that caught the Bellas attention. I didn’t see the sign but they exchanged a few words. Quick match with Eve picking up the win.

We see Nash backstage. There were some Diesel chants.


Alex Riley makes his way out during commercial. Last year he was here, at that time he was still with The Miz. EXCUSE ME! Here comes Vickie! Nuclear heat for her. I had no idea what she was saying. Swagger comes out. Short match. Dolph comes out and goes to Vickie. They have some words, which results in Vickie falling. Swagger notices this and goes outside. He pushes away Dolph, and Riley gets the pin. I like Alex Riley and I think he could be a main event guy in the future. Just needs to improve in the ring a little more.

Triple H is seen on the Titantron, looks to be coming out.


Out comes HHH. He talks about the last couple weeks, including SS. He calls out Nash. No music again this week.

HHH says Nash doesn’t work here. He can’t be calling out guys. If he ants to fight, do it the Tim Hortons. That got a big pop!

Punk comes out, has some words with Triple H and Nash. Nash eventually smacks Punk in the jaw. Hunter grabs Nash and leads him out of the ring to the back. We go to commercial. Loud chants for Punk.

Up next is the Tag Team Champion Match. Out first is Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne to a loud crowd. I noticed that Bourne had blue in his attire, matching Kofi’s blue attire. They look like a team. McGillicutty and Outing out to boos. Early on in the match, some of the guys around me started a “Mr. Hudson” chant. Otunga is married to Jennifer Hudson so that why they started it. Bourne looked behind him a kid of laughed at that one. This was one of my favorite matched of the night. And the fact that there are new tag champs makes it that much better. Evan’s Airborne finisher is amazing to see live. I’m gals we have new tag champs, and hopefully this is the beginning of a revamped tag devision.

Backstage we see Kofi and Bourne celebrating. When Zach Ryder was shown lots of cheers for him. I saw him two years ago in a dark match. He’s sure come a long way from then.

We see Laurinitis running up to HHH. We couldn’t hear anything in the arena, so when Nash came out later on in the main event, we weren’t as surprised as we should have been, though it was pretty predictable that he was going to interfere.


Santino’s music hits, and the crowd goes wild. Santino always gets cheered, partly because he’s from Canada!

He gets jumped from behind by R-Truth and Miz. Earlier in the night, I heard some people in front of me, saying that R-Truth wouldn’t be there because he isn’t allowed in Canada. I guess they aren’t reading house show result on WNW!

This was my favorite promo of the night. Again, encase of the loud crowd, it was hard to hear them. It was fun though doing the WHAT and You Suck chants with them. The WHAT chants were deafening. I really hope that these two will be the tag champs one day. They are entertaining and I like this R-Truth. After they were done their promo, Truth’s remixed theme came on. I didn’t hear the new lyrics too well, but there was stuff in there about, conspiracies and Little Jimmy! Instead of “What Up?” he used “You Suck” instead. We go to commercial and Miz and Truth were both laughing and smiling. I guess they liked how that segment went.


During commercial, Del Rio makes his way out and sits beside commentary. John Laurinitis is out as well to boos.

Back from commercial, it’s time for the main event.

CM Punks music hit’s for the third time of the night. Cena out next to a mix of cheers and boos. Cena does his usual entrance, throwing his hat, then tossing out his shirt. The guy who caught it throws it back. The crowd loves it. Del Rio laughs! Cena throws it back, and it gets tossed back in the ring. Cena picks it up, goes to the other side of the ring, and try’s again. This time they keep it, but the crowd chats “Throw it Back!” Funny stuff.

Great match. Lots of back and forth action. Lot’s of finisher attempts and, and Punk paying tribute to Macho Man. I haven’t seen Cena live before, and I used to hate him, but I’m slowly beginning to like him. I expected Cena to win, and Punk to continue his think with Nash. When Nash came out, the live crowd didn’t think anything special of it, because we didn’t hear what was being said by HHH and Laurinitis earlier in the night. Post match Del Rio beats down Cena, and we go off the air.

Biggest Pop – CM Punk

Cena (mixed)

Kofi and Evan Bourne

Most Heat – Cena (mixed)


Truth and Miz

Mostly all the women and kids cheered for Cena, and the men booed him.

Miz and R-Truth run down and join Del Rio in the beat down. Punk helps Cena and Del Rio, Miz and Truth leave the ring, along with Ricardo. Del Rio notices that Punk has his scarf, and send Ricardo into the ring. Ricardo pleads with Punk for the scarf and he tosses it to Cena. Rodriguez goes to Cena, and he tosses it back to Punk. Punk holds the scarf out, and Ricardo runs to it, Punk pulls the scarf away. He tosses it to Cena, and he does the same. They both give him their finishers. Punk takes the scarf and puts it wound his neck. Cena and him stand on the corners and take in the cheers. Cena leaves the ring, and Punk stays. There was a guy sitting in the front row, dressed up like Papa Shango. He had the face paint and everything. He also had a black hat on with feathers. Punk tells the guy to throw it to him, he does and Punk puts in on. He goes to toss it back, but doesn’t. He puts it in the middle of the ring, and does a Ric Flair style elbow drop on it. It was funny. He eventually tosses it back. Punk asked another guy if he wants him to sign his shirt. Punk starts laughing and says he doesn’t have a pen. He goes around ringside greeting everyone, as well as taking pictures. He goes up the ramp, grabs a sign that says “We need CM Punk Ice Cream Bars” and shows it off to the cameras. He goes to the back, and sends the crowd home happy.

Here are some random notes from the evening.

– I heard a few Benoit chants a couple sections over, they weren’t loud but you could hear them. I didn’t hear them on TV

– Merchandise sales were very good. With about one hour left, there were only XL and XXL sizes for Cena, and Punk only had a few sizes left as well. For the first time that I saw, there was a small merchandise stand outside the arena, which had a huge lineup.

– I heard some people talking around the production trucks before the show about Vince. It’s his birthday on Aug,24, and I thought that they may have done something off air for that, but they didn’t

– I looked around the buses and where the superstars go in the arena, but didn’t see anyone. I saw someone who looked like Bill DeMott, but I don’t think it was him.

– Half of the second level was tarped off.

– They did a sign of the night thing during commercial, some included:

“Alberta hates Del Rio”

“I Sent The Text”

“Vickie Ate My Sign”, with a corner of the sign torn off.

There was lots of CM Punk and Cena signs.

One of my favorites that I saw was one that said “I Just Mizzed In My Pants!” That was a great one. Punk commented on it after the show.

Overall it was a great evening. WWE is here once a year, so I’m always excited to go. This is the first time in over 7 years that RAW has been in Edmonton. I hope that they are able to come back more often.

Hope you enjoyed reading.