Indy Special: Detailed Timeline Of The 2CW Promotion

Squared Circle Wrestling (Company Timeline)
November 27, 2005. The idea of starting a brand new independent wrestling company comes up among friends after watching the 19th annual Survivor Series. The WWE produced show isn’t one of their best and the set of friends watching that night decide that they can put on a better product.
April 8, 2006 is the debut show for Squared Circle Wrestling. Most of the shows during the first twelve months take place in Syracuse, with a few scattered shows in Utica, NY as the company branches out of the Syracuse market. The major feuds during this time period included: Isys Ephex vs Spike Dudley, The Killer Steves vs All Money is Legal, Zaquary Springate III vs Gordy Wallace & the beginnings of the J.D. Love vs Loca Vida feud. Some of the special attractions 2CW promoted during its first twelve months were the New Age Outlaws, Mr. USA Tony Atlas, & King Kong Bundy. This year started the rise of “Main Event” Jason Axe and the incredible series between Slyck Wagner Brown and 2 Cold Scorpio.
The first two shows in 2007 were in January and featured the NWA World Heavyweight Championship defended on both shows as the champion Abyss took on Spike Dudley both nights. The NWA-TNA X Division title was also defended in March by Chris Sabin defeating Isys Ephex. April was the month 2CW crowned its very own champion with a 12-man two-night tournament over Living on the Edge II weekend. LOTE night two saw our champion crowned in a ladder match between Dizzie and Slyck Wagner Brown. That night also saw the “Our tables don’t break” continue as Steve Kruz bounced off the table NINE times before AMIL finally put him through the table to win the first ever tag team tables match in 2CW. In the first six months of 2007, we saw a number of big name debuts, including Abyss, “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin & Jerry Lynn. A rejuvenated women’s division began as well with the debuts of Nikki Roxx and Portia Perez. June’s Shakedown 2 saw the incredible dive off the balcony of Loca Vida onto J.D. Love and Gordy Wallace. The second six months saw the debut of “Pooh on a Pole” from Syracuse. You HAVE to see this to believe it., search for 2CWATHON 2007. Major feuds this year is the J.D. Love vs Loca Vida, Dizzie vs SWB for the 2CW title and Jason Axe vs Spike Dudley (even though they teamed later in the year). “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson debuted during Unfinished Business weekend in two tremendous match of the year candidates. Samoa Joe also returned during that weekend. The end of the year saw NWA Upstate invade and a controversial finish to a three way dance causing the 2CW championship to be vacated as we head into 2008.
FTNA begins our 2008 from Binghamton, as we once again crown a 2CW heavyweight champion, Dizzie becoming the first two-time champion (and still the only man to actually be the 2CW champion). He would finally lose the title in a three-way dance in Watertown at night one of LOTE III. That title win would only last one night, as Slyck Wagner Brown would go on to win a four-way dance the next night to become the third man to hold the 2CW title. Blue Meanie, Human Tornado & The Sandman debut in special attraction matches throughout the first few months of this year. The Sandman would go on to make 2CW famous, as he fell asleep during the match and made himself look like a fool. Google it kids, it’s worth it. Jason Axe finishes up his blood feud with Spike Dudley this year, and future fan favorite Jay Freddie would make his debut at LOTE III. As we head into the late spring and early summer the 2CW vs NWA Upstate feud gets HOT. Tag Team matches in every town would be chaos. Most of them would be No DQ, anything goes. Including a Wargames match that took place at an NWA Upstate show, that saw 67 rowdy 2CW fans show up to cheer their boys on. It was a crazy scene that made the Upstate fans seem like they weren’t even in the building. The feud would last most of the year, concluding in October when the NWA upstate team would win an 8-man unsanctioned tag team elimination match and closing 2CW for over 90 days. However, before all that happens, we must discuss the Binghamton show from July in which Brodie Lee was provoked into a fight with a fan outside the building and earning him a suspension for a few months. Slyck would try to fend off Jimmy Olsen during these months, even with Jimmy stealing the 2CW title belt for a number of months. Other notable feuds would be Jay Freddie taking on his mentor and teacher, ZS3. Jason Axe would form the Axis of Evil, but the group would be gone by the end of the year. The only new town for 2CW this year would be during Living on the Edge III, night one was in Watertown, NY.
2CW returns with a debut show in Oswego, NY.  The next show saw the very first cage match in 2CW history (since technically the wargames match was an NWA Upstate show) in which Jimmy “Jam” Olsen defeated SWB and Jason Axe in a three-way dance to win the 2CW heavyweight title. Lots of drama surrounded this match, as huge fan favorite John Walters would side with J.D. Love and Olsen during this cage match. Also the New Japan Pro Wrestling Juniorweight Tag Team Champions, Motor city Machineguns (Chris Sabin and debuting Alex Shelly) defended those title belts against Up in Smoke. Little Guido, Homicide and Colt Cabana all debut during these first two shows of 2009. Living on the Edge IV saw the debuts of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Al Snow, Sunny, Nigel McGuiness, Sara Del Rey and A.J. Styles to 2CW. Nigel vs Eddie Edwards, AJ Styles vs Loca Vida, and the 4-way dance ladder match for the 2CW title were all match of the year candidates. Sunny would debut as a special guest referee for Sara Del Rey vs Portia Perez. In June of this year, 2CW crowned its first ever tag team champions during a two-night, eight team tournament. Up in Smoke defeated Jiglirious in the finals, which took place in Binghamton, to become the champions. Night one of that weekend saw “Main Event” Jason Axe finally win the 2CW title in a unique six-man tag team match (which saw Jimmy Olsen lose the title while he wasn’t scheduled for the match, but his title was still on the line). This weekend saw many more new names added to be debut list that included Kevin Steen and El Generico. The end of the summer actually saw the beginning of one of the best rivalries in 2CW history, as Jason Axe defended his title against Jay Freddie in Watertown. This was just the beginning of their incredible rivalry. Up in Smoke would go on to defend the tag team titles throughout the rest of the year in amazing title defenses. Jason Axe would keep the title throughout 2009 as well.
January started off strong with Unfinished Business, with plenty of strong debuts including Mercedes Martinez, Super Smash Brothers and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. February saw the debuts of some “first class” prospects in the form of Kevin “The Man” Graham and his future tag team partner, Punisher VanSlyke. Jimmy Olsen started to channel Andy Kauffman leading into the main event of night one at Living on the Edge V as he would battle living legend, “The King” Jerry Lawler. That show also saw Up in Smoke lose the tag team titles after months of defending those titles against all comers. They would lose the tag team titles to a debuting American Wolves (2CW fan favorite Eddie Edwards and his ROH tag team partner, Davey Richards). Night one of LOTE V would set a record for attendance for any 2CW event to that point, reaching around 850 people in attendance. Jason Axe would continue to dominate his title matches with a number of huge wins throughout the first part of this year, especially at LOTE as he won two multi-man matches both nights of LOTE V. Brodie Lee would start to get on a roll during this part of the year, winning a number of great matches, including a win over SWB in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Raven would debut against Colin Delaney at night two of Living on the Edge V. The month of May would be the debut of 2CW’s Grand Prix tournament. This tournament would see the return of “Hurricane” John Walters and Isys Ephex would go on to win the one night tournament.  July would see 2CW celebrate promoting its 50th show, held in Syracuse at the infamous 2CW Arena inside the PAC. This was a loaded show from beginning to end. #50 saw the hardcore debuts of Necro Butcher and the “Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal” SABU. The next month 2CW came from Watertown, NY with another big-time show featuring the return of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, just one week after he re-signed with the WWE at Summerslam 2010. The Olsen Twins (Jimmy and Colin Olsen) defeated the American Wolves for the 2CW tag team championships. “Big Rig” Brodie Lee defeated “Main Event” Jason Axe to win the 2CW heavyweight title, thus ending the longest reign to date (443 days) of any champion in 2CW. September brought us to Binghamton, NY, as wrestling is saved from mediocrity. The Kings of Wrestling debut to try to take the tag team titles to no avail. Raven returns and Jason Axe sends Mikey to a flaming hell, powerbombing him through a flaming table! Jason isn’t done, as he and Jay Freddie start up their war again in October at the Field of Dreams in Utica. The formation of First Class officially starts here as well, Punisher VanSlyke, Kevin Graham and ZS3 team up to lay out the Killer Steves. Slyck Wagner Brown would find the debut show in Elmira very lucky for him, as he would replace Eddie Edwards as the challenger to Brodie Lee’s championship. SWB would go on to win the championship in a controversial contest. December is truly a “Nightmare Before Christmas” for Jay Freddie as he was hung by “Juggernaut” Jason Axe during a last-man standing match.  The main event of the last show for 2010 was a dream match among wrestling fans far and wide: American Wolves versus then TNA world tag team champions, Motor city Machineguns.
Everyone has his price begins the New Year with special guest commissioner Ted Dibiase. March saw the debuts of Carlito and Shane Douglas to 2CW.  Living on the Edge VI is just one night for this year, but there is a lot going on during this show. WWE’s Road Dogg returned to face off with former WWE superstar Colin Delaney. Honky Tonk Man debuts against Cheech, as well as a brutal steel cage match between bitter enemies Jay Freddie and Jason Axe. However, that is not the end of this story between these two. After the steel cage didn’t settle the score, 2CW management booked a Stairway to Hell match, with special guest enforcer, TERRY FUNK! This match would see the end of the feud as we know it…for now.  However, the story continues for Jay Freddie. SWB would come out after the match to challenge Terry Funk to a fight. Terry would turn him down initially, but after SWB pushed the issue, even offering up a title match, they came to blows. Freddie would get involved as well, even counting down SWB after the Funker caught the champ with an inside cradle for a three count sending the crowd into frenzy still felt today. In the locker room, Terry would give the championship to Freddie telling the young star that he was worthy of the title belt. 2CW management would however void the impromptu contest, stating the match wasn’t officially signed, nor was Freddie a licensed official. But, they offered Freddie the chance to win the championship in a legally sanctioned title match, in his hometown, in front of the biggest crowd to date for a 2CW show, 900 plus on hand to see Freddie defeat SWB for the 2CW heavyweight championship at The Big Event. Also, back at FUNK U in June, current 2CW champion, Slyck Wagner Brown defended the title against the reigning Ring of Honor heavyweight champion, Eddie Edwards in a champion vs champion match. Only the 2CW title was on the line during the contest. In other events at The Big Event, Mick Foley was brought in as the special guest enforcer for a six-man tag team brawl between First Class and The Killer Steves with Loca Vida. Sunny would return as well to referee Sara Del Rey against Portia Perez, a rematch from LOTE IV. The end of the summer saw a return to Binghamton, bringing Tommy Dreamer to his debut for 2CW as he faced off with Kevin “The Man” Graham. September brought us to another double-shot weekend titled Cease & Desist Tour 2011. First we make our debut in Rome, NY as First Class would face off with three members of D-Generation X, oh, I’m sorry, Team Suck-It (RoadDogg, Billy Gunn and the debuting Sean Waltman a.k.a. X-Pac)! The second night we return to Oswego with the debuts of Christopher Daniels and Sami Callihan. Also the returns of 2 Cold Scorpio and Scotty 2 Hotty were on this mid-September card. November sees the return of the Grand Prix tournament, but this time it is over two nights, with night one in Watertown, NY. This card is one of the most talked about nights in 2CW’s history. This was one of the nights on the Nigel McGuiness retirement tour, as he faced off with his hand-picked opponent in Eddie Edwards. This match was voted Independent Match of the Year by the fans of’s year end polls. Not only was this match one of the most seen matches of the year, it also was the debuts of Paul London & Brian Kendrick to 2CW. The next night, Jason Axe earned the 2011 Grand Prix championship by defeating the fast-rising star, Sean Carr in the finals. The final show of 2011 is back in Syracuse, with Hot Action on a Cold December night. Kevin Steen returns to the company in a match against SWB. Eddie Edwards takes on Sami Callihan in a brutal contest. The debut of the Blue World Order as they took on First Class. Jay Freddie defends his 2CW title against Brodie Lee in the main event, but the biggest news story coming out of this show was Jason Axe and his girlfriend at the time, Portia Perez, defeated The Olsen Twins to win the 2CW tag team titles. The Olsen Twins were tag team champions for 482 days.
2CW opens 2012 with their first show in Ithaca, NY, as well as their first benefit show “Slammin’ 4 John.” Rich Swann and PAC debut at this show as they were in a four-way dance that also involved Brodie Lee and Sami Callihan. This was a huge hit on the social media market, if you haven’t seen this match, find it on YouTube. Also, the tag team titles changed hands as well, seeing First Class defeat Jason Axe and Muscle Marcos (substituting for Portia Perez). February continued the first time efforts of 2CW, as it promotes the first ever Girls Grand Prix from Binghamton, NY. This show had many debuts that included: Cherry Bomb, Veda Scott, Allysin Kay, Mia Kim and the eventual winner Rachel Summerlyn. The DVD of this event is one of the most sold DVDs in 2CW’s history. It was the most attended show in Binghamton as well. Check out to pick up your copy. The next night, 2CW debuts in Auburn, NY with its first ever tag team title match inside a steel cage. First Class would defend the title against former champions, Jason Axe and Portia Perez. April saw the return of the two-night mega-event we call Living on the Edge. LOTE VII saw Brodie Lee win the 2CW title again in a four-way dance in Watertown, NY that also included Kevin Steen, SWB and then-champion Jay Freddie. Kevin Steen would attack Brodie after the match and steal the championship belt. There was a blood-bath between Jason Axe and Isys Ephex. The Briscoe Brothers debuted against The Olsens Twins, causing the break-up of the Olsens after the loss. Sgt. Slaughter would debut on this night, drawing out the hated Bin Hamin who would set his sights on 2CW. The next night in Rome, Bin Hamin would set his sights on the returning Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The Briscoe Brothers would win the tag team titles by defeating First Class. Jimmy and Colin Olsen would have a street fight that went all over Rome with Colin picking up the win. All Money is Legal would return at this show as well, taking on long-time rivals The Killer Steves in a tag team tables match. Brodie Lee, without the actual belt, would defend the title in another four-way dance. After the match, he would forfeit the championship due to his signing with WWE and moving to Florida to join FCW (currently NXT’s Luke Harper). In May, 2CW holds the first two rounds of the title tournament because of Brodie forfeiting the championship. In June, 2CW celebrates show #75, with so much going on. Rhino debuts against Tommasso Ciampa. Kevin Steen would find himself inserted into the finals for the title, only to win the match and become the official 2CW heavyweight champion. The Briscoe Brothers would lose the tag team titles to the Super Smash Brothers in a three way dance that also included former champions, First Class. July sees The Big Event II return to Watertown, NY with the return of Ted Dibiase and the debut of Mickie James. Mickie would wrestle the 2012 Girls Grand Prix winner, Rachel Summerlyn. Chuck Taylor debuts at this show, as well as MASADA. Kevin Steen defended the 2CW title against Sami Callihan and the SSB retain their tag team titles against First Class. Jason Axe and Isys Ephex had another bloodbath in a Jefferson County Bullrope match. This past August saw the last show at the Pastime Athletic Club, also known as the 2CW Arena. A surprise debut of Mikey Whipwreck shocked the crowd. WWE’s John Morrison wrestled Sami Callihan in the main event of the last show at the 2CW Arena. DDP made his debut the next night in Rome, as he laid out the “Muscle of 2CW” Marcos. Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards in the 2CW title match, and the SSB defeated First Class in a rematch for the tag team titles. The main event saw Tommaso Ciampa defeat Sami Callihan. Last month was another double-shot weekend. First was Auburn, headlined by Hacksaw Jim Duggan as he took on Kage. The SSB defended the titles against AMIL. The next night Hacksaw was back to finally face off with Bin Hamin in the main event of the Oswego show. Super Smash Brothers defended the titles against Sami Callihan and Rich Swann.
Upcoming this Friday evening is the 2CW debut of Matt Hardy as he faces off with “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards.  Kevin Steen defends the 2CW heavyweight title against “Hurricane” John Walters.  The Super Smash Brothers defend the titles against The Killer Steves. First Class’ Kevin Graham and Punisher VanSlyke will face off with Team CK in a tag team grudge match. Isys Ephex will wrestle Matt Milan; Colin Delaney faces off with former 2CW champion “Juggernaut” Jason Axe. Jay Freddie will take on Slyck Wagner Brown and the debuting Hawaiian Lion in a three way dance. A new tag team Planet Fitness (Marcos and Cheech) will take on Pete D Order and Dick Justice in tag team action. Loca Vida will take on Eric M. Timmons (EMT) in singles action.
This month, 2CW presents two more shows, ending our 2012 in Watertown and Binghamton. Spike Dudley returns to 2CW first wrestling Kevin Steen, then the next night against Jason Axe. WWE legends Demolition finally make their debut at both of these shows as well.