Details On Batista’s MMA Debut & Meetings With Strikeforce’s CEO

We’ve got some details on former WWE superstar Dave Bautista’s Mixed Martial Arts debut.

Bautista was backstage at Saturday’s Strikeforce MMA show in San Jose, California and met with several company officials, including CEO Scott Coker. According to various sources, Buatista is said to be very close to signing a deal with Strikeforce and plans to make his professional MMA debut in early 2011.

He has been training MMA full-time since leaving WWE earlier this year and is said to be very eager to show everybody what he’s capable of inside the cage.

There have been reports that Batista was looking to get $500,000 for his MMA debut. A name that’s been thrown a lot as a future opponent of Batista is fellow former WWE star Bobby Lashley, who is currently negotiating a new contract with Strikeforce.