Details On CM Punk Turning Down A WWE Movie Role & More

CM Punk recently turned down a WWE Studios movie role, according to an interview he gave in Australia last week. This past summer when Punk was considering leaving WWE and negotiating a new contract, Stephanie McMahon offered him the lead role in the movie “No One Lives.”

Punk stated that Stephanie thought he was perfect for one of the characters, described as a “30-something scumbag with dirtbag good looks and soulless eyes.” Punk said he considered the role, but decided to pass on it because he thought he might be finishing with WWE at the time.

As previously reported, WWE is very high on CM Punk at the moment and has big plans to get behind him later this year. Aside from his character getting a big push on television (and a rumored WWE title run), WWE is looking to introduce lots of new CM Punk merchandise and feature him in a WWE Studios project at some point.