Details On Eve’s Heel Turn, Mick Foley’s Career Regrets, Kofi-Cole

– On Monday’s RAW, we saw a full-on heel turn from WWE diva Eve, who admitted to the Bella Twins that she is nothing more than a manipulating bimbo. Eve said she was never interested in Zack Ryder – she used him to climb the social ranks and get to the biggest fish in the pond – John Cena, who overheard the entire conversation. Eve tried everything she could do to convince John Cena that it was all a big misunderstanding, but she was carried away from Cena crying hysterically when he wanted nothing to do with her.

With Eve’s evil intentions exposed, there is talk of pairing Eve with a heel WWE superstar and have them feud with Zack Ryder and a babyface Diva, possibly Layla.

– Mick Foley posted a few messages on Twitter this week revealing his top 3 career regrets:

Not wrestling Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 17
Not wrestling on the first Eddie Gilbert memorial show
Not writing the foreword to the Lou Thesz autobiography when asked.

Regarding his decision to not wrestle Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 17, Foley said that back in 2001, he truly believed that he was retired for good, so he turned the match down.

– Michael Cole apologized on Twitter for messing up Kofi Kingston’s name on RAW. Cole tweeted:

“I want to apologize for messing up @TrueKofi Kingston’s name tonight. So here goes: Sorry you aren’t more memorable, Kofi. #Raw”

Kingston, who has been teaming with R-Truth as of late, responded:

“@MichaelCole MayB i cld b as memorable as ur stellar commentary. U learn the dif btw a figure 4 of the head and the Anaconda Vice yet? Dunce”