Details On Paul Heyman’s WWE Return, Brock Lesnar Update

As previously reported, Paul Heyman returned to WWE for the first time since late 2006. He appeared on this week’s Raw as Brock Lesnar’s “legal representative.”

Heyman cut a promo taking shots at today’s WWE for being so “image conscious,” and then read a statement from Lesnar, stating that he had quit the company and was “never coming back.” This is all part of a new storyline for Lesnar.

Heyman’s involvement with the company will become valuable as a mouthpiece for Lesnar, limiting the amount of acting that Lesnar is asked to do. With Lesnar being limited to a certain number of dates in his WWE contract, Heyman will be able to keep Lesnar’s storylines active while he is off television.

WWE Champion CM Punk teased Heyman’s return on his Twitter earlier today, writing, “Trust me when I say this #RAW will be fantastic. I love knowing stuff nobody knows. I tweet happy today. Hell, I’m just happy. Nice spending time with an old friend.” As previously noted, Punk spoiled the return of Heyman with the following Tweet and also uploading a photo of Heyman posted at 10:32 PM EDT, “Okay. I’m having a blast with this. Here he is. The man. MY man. And he’s headed to the ring….”