Details On Shawn Michaels Possibly Appearing At Upcoming WWE Raw Events

Shawn Michaels joined his television co-star Keith Mark on 810-AM sports radio in Kansas City. The host of the show said, “And Shawn’s doing great, he’s going to be doing some really great things on Raw over the next couple weeks.” Michaels downplayed the comment and mentioned that he must be looking at “all those Twitter things.”

As of this writing, Michaels’ is not featured in any of the upcoming advertisements for any Raw events, although he would fit seamlessly into the current storyline between Triple H and Daniel Bryan, given his history with both guys.

  • MinusDarrin

    He will come in to try and convince Triple H that he has “sold out”. What better way to get heel heat than for Triple H to be mean to his best friend. As long as HBK brings that camo and that sweet, sweet Duck Dynasty beard I’m in.