Details On TNA’s Decision To Turn Jeff Hardy Heel

The decision to turn Jeff Hardy heel was actually made a few weeks ago, with everything else leading up to the 10-10-10 Bound For Glory pay per view obviously a swerve.

“It’s totally WCW circa 1996-1998, but without the ratings and pay per view buy rates,” one top tier TNA star told WZ tonight. “They’re talking about work-shoot and shoot-works, and they think that’s the key to turning TNA around. They’re obsessed with fooling the Internet Wrestling Community.”

There have been reports online about TNA trying to decide whether the big turn should be Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam, but the decision was made easier for TNA when RVD told the company weeks ago he had no desire to turn heel.

“RVD has a laid back persona on TV, and he’s that way in real life, but he takes his image very seriously,” another TNA source told us. “Jeff’s laid back persona carries over into everything, and he just likes to go along with the flow.”

There was an original plan for Angle to win the title, and feud with Mr. Anderson, building to an eventual Angle vs RVD showdown, but those plans changed with the decision to turn Hardy heel and make him the champion.