Details On TNA’s Next One Night Only PPV, This Week’s Impact Wrestling Rating Is In

– TNA Tournament Of Champions is the next One Night Only pay-per-view event. The theme will be of a tournament among past TNA champions to determine the “best champion in TNA history.” Matches include from the event include:

* James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson
* Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
* Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle
* Bobby Roode vs. Sting
* Bully Ray vs. James Storm in the first round.

The pay-per-view event will air Friday, November 1, 2013.

– Thursday’s Impact Wrestling scored a 0.82 cable TV rating, down from the previous week’s 0.95 rating.

Impact Wrestling averaged 1.084 million viewers, down for last week’s 1.12 million viewers.