Details On WWE Wanting To Sign Several Top TNA Stars

With the contracts of many top TNA superstars set to expire in the next year or so, there have been various reports about WWE’s interest in these talents. Courtesy of, here is a breakdown of the rumored names and WWE’s interest level:

Rob Van Dam: WWE is interested in bringing him back.

James Storm and Robert Roode: WWE was interested in bringing in Beer Money together as a tag team, but there’s not much interest bringing them in as singles wrestlers.

Samoa Joe: Despite Steve Austin’s strong endorsement of Joe last year and Joe’s longtime friendships with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, there is unfortunately little-to-no interest from WWE.

Matt Morgan: The general feeling is that Morgan will jump to WWE when his TNA contract expires next year.

Bully Ray: WWE is interested. No word on Devon.

The Pope: Officials were interested early last year when he was being pushed but not so much anymore.

Ink Inc.: There may be some interest in bringing back Shannon Moore down the road but Jesse Neal is viewed as a developmental prospect at best.

  • Liaml211

    yeah WWE interested in the talent.. and then ruin them when they sign for WWE!! PG era sucks WWE realise it!