Details On WWE’s New Viral Campaign, Miss USA Sentenced

— Former Miss USA and WWE Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih has been sentenced to probation and community service stemming from her drunk driving arrest back in December 2011.

At a hearing on Wednesday in Highland Park, Michigan, Judge William McConico put gave her six months’ probation, ordered 20 hours of community service and said she must pay $600 in fines. Fakih also must attend an alcohol safety class.

She pleaded no contest last month to driving while visibly impaired. Despite denying that she had been drinking, a half-empty bottle of wine was found in her car and her blood alcohol content was found to be more than twice the legal limit.

— As reported earlier this week, a new WWE viral marketing campaign is already underway. The campaign, which states, “A Revolution Is Coming,” has launched on the WWE website and will be pushed more heavily starting on Monday. No word yet on if the campaign will air on television – or whether it is promoting a superstar return/debut, the WWE Network launch or something else.

The video, which is hidden on the and appears randomly before certain video content on the site, appears to show flashes of citizen uprisings.