Details On WWE’s New Title Belt – Who Helped Make It, How Much Money Did It Cost, More

WWE’s website has an article up on the new WWE Title belt. They revealed that Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers fame made the belt from a concept the WWE creative team had. Orange County Choppers had help from famed wrestling belt maker Dave Millican.

WWE says that 18 months ago, it was decided they wanted to get rid of the spinner belt and WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Services Stan Stanski had to come up with a new design.They talked ideas such as using a red leather strap and even having the title with door hinges on both sides.

Stanski said:

“Our idea was never to take a step back or do something predictable or expected. We wanted to evolve the brand and create something that’s never been done before. You don’t always know what a traditional title might represent. We wanted you to know immediately that this was the WWE Championship.”

The article notes that WWE wants this title belt to stick around for a long time. More than $50,000 went into making the belt and it was mentioned that they had planned to unveil it at WrestleMania 28 but that obviously didn’t happen. One of the earlier designs had a massive, 3D eagle that grasped the central WWE logo with its talons.

High Quality Photos Of The New WWE Title Belt & The Rock With The New Championship Belt

  • S1mmas

    Thats even worse than spinner

  • Saule Wright

    I love the belt, especially the idea that instead of a nameplate the side panels will show the champs logo. However, going back to the eagle in some form would have been downright epic.

  • wwefannj

    its bad bye wwe tna will win top belt now should have done a better job im sad that wwe stars have to walk to the ring with that vkm is getting to old to do a good jobhe let them use that belt if he were the younger vince he would have said get that krap out of here did your kids make it i need a real title not a bad sign bad by a fans kid