DGUSA/EVOLVE News, Notes & Updates

Here’s the latest from Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE including a free match download of an unreleased bout at the end of this release. Here we go:

-For all our friends in the United States we hope you are having a great Memorial Day.

-We will have a DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts email blast out later tonight during WWE Raw with news of an EVOLVE tripleshot in June. This is the new way to get all the breaking news, exclusive deals and more info.
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-Tickets for Dragon Gate USA in Taylor, MI (outside Detroit) on July 28th and the return to Chicago on July 29th go on sale this Wednesday at www.DGUSA.tv. We’ll have more info including ticket prices in the DGUSA/EVOLVE Alerts.

-Remember, the very rare and huge www.DGUSA.tv Memorial Day Sale ends at Midnight EST. tonight. Use the code “Jon Davis” to get 30% off all DGUSA and EVOLVE merch including every DVD title. Even authentic merchandise from Japan is included. Go to the main page of www.DGUSA.tv for all the info. There won’t be a sale this big with no minimum order
for a long time. Here’s some of the recent DVDs you can get for 30% off for just a few more hours:

-DGUSA Freedom Fight 2011: This DVD starts shipping early next week with YAMATO vs. Johnny Gargano for the DGUSA Title, CIMA vs. Masato Yoshino, PAC vs. Ricochet, Extreme Warfare and more!!!

-DGUSA Bushido Code Of The Warrior 2011: See Dragon Gate veterans vs. DGUSA’s homegrown roster with matches like CIMA & Ricochet vs. Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon for the DGUSA Tag Team Titles, YAMATO vs. Chuck Taylor for the DGUSA Title, PAC vs. Brodie Lee, Johnny Gargano vs. BxB Hulk and more!!!

-DGUSA REVOLT!: Witness the brutal No Rope Match pitting YAMATO vs. BxB Hulk, High Flyers FRAY! with PAC, Ricochet, AR Fox, Uhaa Nation, Rich Swann and Sabu, Masato Yoshino vs. Akira Tozawa, Sami Callihan vs. Jon Davis and more!!!

-EVOLVE 10: A Tribute To The Arena: Don’t miss the historic final show in the former ECW Arena featuring the controversial last segment with Sabu vs. Justin Credible and extreme surprises plus Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann vs. Super Smash Brothers, Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet for the Open The Freedom Gate Title, Sami Callihan vs. Bobby Fish and more!!!

-DGUSA Way Of The Ronin 2011: A title change is guaranteed when DGUSA Tag Team Champions PAC & Masato Yoshino battle Open The Twin Gate Champions CIMA & Ricochet in a title vs. title match plus Johnny Gargano vs. Naruki Doi, YAMATO & AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon, Akira Tozawa vs. Jon Davis and more!!!

-DGUSA Untouchable 2011: A classic title match headlines this one as YAMATO defends the DGUSA Title vs. CIMA plus Akira Tozawa vs. Johnny Gargano, Ricochet vs. PAC, Masato Yoshino vs. Naurki Doi vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Sami Callihan and more!!!

-Plus save money on all the titles with (Daniel) Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Austin Aries and so many others. Please browse the DGUSA and EVOLVE section of the Store for all the info.

-Ricochet is at the top of the class of today’s new stars with three title reigns during his rookie year in Japan for Dragon Gate. Mike Cruz is considered Florida’s top prospect. See the unreleased Ricochet vs. Mike Cruz match from the upcoming DGUSA Heat DVD for free here: https://hotfile.com/dl/156662433/2ff7f08/HEAT.wmv.html

-Thank you for reading!