Diamond Dallas Page Interview Recap

PWMania.com reader Susan Frizzell sent the following:

Recently Low Blow Radio and The Unrated Hour featured special guest Diamond Dallas Page!!!!! The following are hilights from this 60 minute interview!!!!!

When asked about general thoughts on WWE and TNA today being that he doesn’t watch too much wrestling today, Page replied…

“I watch Cody Rhodes a lot since he’s a good friend of mine and I’ve known him since he was 7. Our relationship is really special and I hope he can turn that career of his into something special. I like to watch Randy Orton. I like the fact that he does a version of the Diamond Cutter called the RKO. I think Randy is the best worker in the business. I also like to watch Edge who I think is a great worker as well. As far as TNA goes I like what they’re doing with their reality show after Impact (Reaction).”

When asked about possible returning to WWE or TNA in the future or if he had any interest, Page replied…

“No, not really. What I’m doing now, Team YRG (fitness program) is what I want to continue doing right now. When I was in WCW I helped over 30 guys live their dream to become pro wrestlers. It was amazing, but now I’m helping people on a whole different level. I’m helping people who have self esteem issues. I’m helping people who are obese get into shape again.”

Other subjects of conversation included…
YRG Fitness Program
And More!!!!!

Your hosts also discuss what went down at TNA Bound For Glory touching upon “They” and more!!!!!

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