Dispute Over Wrestlezone Ireland, Report On FCW Wrestlers’ Pay

— It was recently reported that Alan Keoghan had scheduled a wrestling convention this weekend in Maynooth County, Kildare, Ireland, but canceled. He blamed the cancellation on talent who wanted to leave the show early Sunday, which he felt for the money charged by the stars to be unacceptable. He specifically named Mick Foley, Lilian Garcia and Candice Michelle.

Steven Woolf, who represents the three, issued the following statement clarifying the ordeal:

I would like to clear the air so wrestling fans understand about the cancellations of Mick Foley, Candice Michelle and Lilian Garcia for the Wrestlezone Ireland event. I booked all three for this event 6 months ago. We have signed contracts in which all the terms of appearance have been clearly spelled out and agreed to by both sides. Now suddenly this promoter, Alan Keoghan, has cancelled all 3 stating they are overpriced. The fees charged this promoter are their normal booking fees for International appearances. Alan is also upset that Mick Foley has scheduled (2) book signings in London prior to his event. Mick is paying his own airfare to London and we can’t see how a book signing in another country could hurt his business! It’s apples and oranges…it’s just not the same thing! He further states on his website that Ted DiBiase and Honky Tonk Man would have to leave early on Sunday to be back in time on Nov 15th to do Monday Night RAW and that is another reason for the show date being postponed.

Speaking on behalf of Mick, Candice and Lilian, all 3 were prepared to make the appearances both days for the agreed upon times and were looking forward to meeting all their Irish fans! But, this promoter has now turned into an unprofessional belligerent person.

We feel bad that these fans have paid a lot of money to attend the Wrestlezone Ireland event and now won’t be able to get what they paid for due to what appears to be a very wishy washy promoter. I might add, he never booked airfare for Candice and Lilian as per the agreement. When a promoter signs an agreement agreeing to all the terms and conditions, it is his obligation to the talent and the wrestling fans to abide by it.

Steve Woolf, agent

— WWE’s house show in Reno, Nevada has been moved to Aug. 5, 2011. The original date was Dec. 3, 2010. Tickets for the original date will be honored on the new date. Refunds are available at the point of purchase. (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

— In a note on how much wrestlers under developmental contracts to WWE are being paid, those without any name value reportedly start out at $500 per week. Should a wrestler last a few months, his or her pay is bumped to $700. If they last even longer, it’s evidently bumped to $1,000 per week.

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter