Diva Dish With Celeste – How The Life Of A WWE Diva Is Truly The Definition Of Glamour

This is about how the life of a WWE diva is truly the definition of glamour, the pure joy of being a woman (in show business… And just in general), and other lies.

Let me paint a picture for you… As I sit here writing this epic piece of reality, I’m wearing a tight pair of high waisted spandex leggings tucked into spikey stilettos. My push up bra is putting in work under my cropped denim vest. (I’m very close to looking like I’m wearing a slutty Canadian tuxedo). My hair has a soft wave to it and smells like rainbows and glitter. I have spent at least an hour applying make up, only to make it look like I’m barely wearing any at all. I’m perfectly accessorized from my gold necklace that reads “BadBitch” down to my vajazzle masterpiece (google that).

Now, if you believe I’m dressed like this while I’m sitting at home…Stop reading now. Why? Because you are precious and it would be a crime for me to rain on your parade.

There really are some ridiculous standards out there for women. The media and other outlets have really set the bar high, especially when it comes to women in the spot light.

This is a look at what really happens behind the scenes and also about the on going struggle for women like myself …and as a whole.

I speak from experience when I say that there’s extreme pressure to look, act, and dress a certain way all the time. Come on… Really?

Wanna know what I’m actually wearing? Nike pro combat workout pants with the nike check peeling off, tucked into wedge Adidas sneakers (that have permanent red Mio water stain). I’m wearing a target sports bra and a large long sleeve Hurley shirt that I proudly bought at Ross. I have mismatched earrings on and I’ve never Vajazzled myself, ever. Also, my hair could be mistaken for some sort of wild animal’s nesting place.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place to look fabulous (in our own way). However, During my time in the WWE, that was pretty much expected all the time.

If people could only see how much we travel, how little we sleep, the hilarious places we have to get ready inside big arenas, and how much work goes into the final product that they see on tv, they’d be floored.

It’s definitely not glamourous. I’d actually compare being a WWE diva to being like MacGyver. A hotter MacGyver. There’s so many tricks and maneuvers (and tiny paper clips) involved.

Here’s a checklist of all the things I needed to get ready for a match: tights, regular bra, sports bra (to hold it all in), double sided tape, tanner, a lot more tanner, make up, curling iron, straighter, hair spray & dry shampoo (in most cases). All these things happened BEFORE getting dressed. These are actually the necessities…. Regardless of what your “look” is.

The only days we have a stylist, for hair and make up, are TV days. All other appearances and non televised matches, we’re on our own!

I truly became an expert at curling my hair in a tiny mirror that I shared with 7 others girls in a crowded locker room. See, we’re just sexy MacGyvers.

Fun fact: my first time to ever appear on a pay-per-view, during my season of NXT, I had to curl my own hair in the reflection of a paper towel dispenser in the tv locker room (a very public high traffic area). The NXT girls were given a small, mirror less, closet-sized room under the stairs in the Chicago area. Come to think of it… It was kind of like Harry Potter, minus the magic. I was new and there wasn’t time for any of the stylists to do my hair, as I was last on the totem pole.

Now is the time for someone to start a slow clap for me……

But seriously, (you can stop clapping now), I’m not only talking about being on screen or in the ring or the amount of work it takes to look glamorous and totally and effortlessly “put together”. We are also expected to keep up a certain image at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. BUT if you’re a girl like me, (a tomboy who prefers a plaid shirts and chucks over a dress and pair heels any day), it’s truly a struggle to try and fit into this certain mold. I think we all know what I’m talking about… The Barbie standards. That bitch Barbie has really set an impossibly high bar for women. (To be clear, I’m talking about the plastic toy Barbie. Not the Barbie we all know and love, Kelly Kelly. I know, easy to confuse the two)

You’re probably thinking. “Just be true to yourself.. Blah blah”. Well, duh, but what some of you may be failing to realize is the tremendous pressure of being appealing on television to millions of harsh critics and to Vince McMahon himself. He is the end-all-be-all in the WWE. That crazy, successful, mad genius runs the show. Every show. Every detail. He’s basically super human BUT that’s a whole different topic.

It just so happens that Vince favors “a perfect 10”. He’s loves a classically beautiful, womanly shape. Tall, leggy, perfect measurements. Oh yea and an always impeccably dressed diva with perfect hair and makeup….yea know, the exact opposite of me.

I may not have been physically ideal for this particular man’s taste, so the obvious solution would be dressing incredibly sexy and being perfectly polished at all times. Umm yea… It’s just not in my nature.

So how does someone that doesn’t fit into this ideal mold, physically and style-wise, work into the equation?

First off, learn how to MacGyver yourself up in a public restroom at any given moment and just accept that under certain circumstances you just gotta leave your comfort zone. NEXT….Well…I had a hard time trying to figure this out. I knew there was qualities about me that got me to a certain point, but it was up to me to prove that being a little different was appealing to our audience. I feel like I was put in a certain category of divas because of my facial features. However my body, my style and the way I carry myself set me apart.

Ahhh please accept meeeeee!

I spent the first fews years of my career trying to fit in. I had so many sets of wresting gear made out of sparkly spandex, I bought dresses that I would normally make fun of girls for wearing and seriously tried to wear heels in airports. Gross.

It was only when I “accidentally” won a battle royal on RAW and forced my way into a story line, that I truly started to find myself. I started getting more screen time and was in a main story line. I saw that the writers and producers and VINCE saw that I had something to offer and that I was worth something.

Ah ha…leverage.

Now here’s the tricky part, you have to realize your worth and keep pushing boundaries until someone tells you to stop. Otherwise, you’ll never know what could’ve been.

I slowly stopped wearing sparkly spandex and I added in combat boots. I basically started dressing like I could kick your ass in a street fight. Slowly but surely, I started breaking this mold that I tried to hard to fit into. This also went for my style off screen too. I developed a style that stood out and made it my own. I didn’t try and wear skin tight dresses (all the time) and stilettos. And no one said a damn thing. I did, however, have to try a little harder on looking “polished”. Whether I wanted the attention or not, there were certainly eyes on me at all times. That takes a little while to accept.

I Basically I gave them, (the man), what they wanted and slowly pushed the limits at the same time. Dance puppets, DANCE!

In conclusion, I will leave you with several cliches and stuff that your mom probably used to say to you, (Moms are ALWAYS right, by the way). Always trust your gut and be who you want to be. Most things aren’t what they seem. Being different is cool. Eat your veggies. There’s no business like show business. BEING A GIRL IS HARD. (Cry face)

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What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Danielson

    Hello Kaitlyn, I hope you are doing great :)

  • Smokratez

    What stops you from not going along with the ridiculous standards?

  • FearTheSpear

    Being a girl IS hard. I half -ass my looks most days but then there are those times where i really have to try to look presentable especially at work. I feel you girl! I feel you.

    • Daniel

      LOL cry to me after you’ve had to work in a coal mine, or pay lifetime alimony, and child support, or get injured, while your friends get killed on a battlefield… Vajazzling is so hard!

      • Phoenix Ramsey

        Extreme examples. As if women can’t have military friends that get killed on the battlefield. Next you will be saying women are lucky they can’t get testicular cancer.

        • Celeste

          Women can get Ovarian or Fallopian cancer. Women can also serve in the Armed Services, therefore can have friends that have died in war.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    That was more informative then 2 seasons of Total Divas

    • Joe & sometimes Jose

      That’s cause Total Divas is mostly 99% scripted & Celeste is keeping it real YO.

  • Bobby Calloway

    Seems like Divas aren’t too different from cars. They have to be constantly cleaned, polished and maintained or else they’ll just look out of place and face all sorts of harsh criticism ;)

  • JillianHallTNA

    wow! this was so inspiring! i wish you could do a youtube video and talk about it, it’s easier for you than type, and for us to just listen instead od read :P but thank you for pushing those boundries! and for being who you are, being yourself <3

  • Joe & sometimes Jose

    She ‘s so funny.

  • Roadpig

    Just like a typical girl… she goes on and on when they point could have been made in a few sentences.

  • MsFan12

    Thanks for these true words! There is nothing wrong with being yourself, and yes, some standards are set way too high! #thumbsup

  • sayawe

    Stunning to look at and great personality. Sad I did not see more matches. Thanks for the memories.
    Now I must cry while I watch a Cameron and Eva Marie do a clinic

  • Daniel

    “There really are some ridiculous standards out there for women. The
    media and other outlets have really set the bar high, especially when it
    comes to women in the spot light.” I call bullshit on that. It is immensely more difficult for a man in the WWE than a woman.

    Forget the long main event shows guys do, just look at the Knight family of England… Saraya (WWE Diva Paige), got selected her first appearance, but her brother hasn’t built his body year after year, to the very high standards of sports entertainment, and it would take him many more years to reach that standard, physically, if he ever could achieve such a feat.

    • Phoenix Ramsey

      Women get next to no respect in the WWE. They have to try that much harder to perform in the very small box of opportunities that they get. The guys on the other hand have the world at their fingertips. Watch the rise of the Shield members Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose. Would a woman get the same opportunities to expand and repackage themselves? No. Its not how the machine is structured. That comes with a lot of pressure obviously, but a lot of rewards as well.