Divas Reality Show, RAW Preshow, Foley Comedy Show, More

– One of the shows confirmed for the upcoming WWE Network is “WWE Divas: Heels On Wheels” – a reality-based road trip show where cameras will follow the divas traveling the country.

There is said to be a lot of interest among the divas – with most wanting to be featured on the show due to the amount of exposure they think it will bring them.

– After WWE recently registered a new trademark for the name “WWE Supercharge” – the show will either be for the new 30-minute pre-show that would air before RAW each week or another new show on the WWE Network.

– Mick Foley will be returning to New York City on the night of WWE Survivor Series (11/20) for a comedy show at the UCB Theatre. The comedy show starts at 11:59pm, giving WWE fans just under an hour to get from Madison Square Garden after the pay-per-view to the UCB Theater.