Dolph Ziggler Cuts Promo, Says People Were Told There’s No Room At WWE WrestleMania XXX

– Before losing to Batista on Friday night’s SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler cut a promo on the WWE App about why he interrupted Batista earlier in the show. Dolph says talents were told there’s no room for them at WrestleMania XXX. Here’s what he said in his promo:

“It was a bold move on my part. Batista, he’s been unstoppable but there’s one thing that can’t stop you in this business, in this day in age. No matter who says you’re guaranteed a main event spot at WrestleMania, no matter who says you come back and we’ll worship you, and kiss your feet and do everything in our power to make sure you’re there, you leave out the WWE Universe. I’m someone who has made my entire career based on the WWE Universe. I wasn’t supposed to be anybody, I was supposed to be a punching bag for guys on their way to the top. I was supposed to be someone who got laughed at and kicked in the face and people cheered. Somehow, someway, because of everything I’ve done, from 5 years old through high school, through college, everything I’ve ever wanted to be is the best. Whether I was in school standing up for other kids, I did it when I was in college as a captain of my team, I stood up for my team. Here in the WWE, I stand up for this entire roster. I can’t make them be the Superstars they want to be but I can make an example and tonight, I made an example of Batista.

Some people have been handed opportunities. Some people are told, ‘you’re going to WrestleMania, no matter what you do, no matter who you are, we worship you and you’re going to WrestleMania.’ Some people are told straight to their face that they don’t have what it takes, they can’t be a headliner at WrestleMania. Tonight, not only do I stand up for myself, I stand up for every single Superstar who was told there’s no room for you on WrestleMania. WrestleMania XXX, the biggest WrestleMania of all-time, people were told there’s no room. Tonight, I make an example and I make room. Tonight, I become the next man in WrestleMania.”

  • James Humwood

    ahh I love ziggler and I agree with what he says but the batista is unstoppable part made me laugh my ass off lol

  • Jaime Villasana

    Why didn’t he said that when he had the mic on his hand

    • Luke

      Because that wasn’t in the script. Seriously, do you not know how this works yet???

      • Jaime Villasana

        Yes i know how this works ,, Punk had the balls to say it on tv

        • Shane Ashby

          Yes, in a worked shoot.

        • Bryan Thomas

          Exactly. A worked shoot. Of course the things punk said did come from the heart but only because wwe allowed him to do so. Ziggler’s only had that chance on a couple of exclusive promos

    • Bryan Thomas

      Perhaps he was told what to say

  • SebKowalke

    So WWE makes Ziggler the new Punk, the new Voice of the Voiceless…

  • Scott C

    His voice should be heard on RAW. He speaks as much truth as Punk and deserves as much as Punk has achieved. Give this guy the push he deserves

  • Bryan Thomas

    Even ziggler can perform on a level higher than triple h. I would love to see ziggler vs daniel bryan

  • Rey WayHd

    Cm punk vs batista vs
    randy orton

    Daniel bryan vs brock

    Undertaker and kane vs
    the wyatt family

    The shield vs usos and
    big e – unification+tag team title match

    John cena vs cesaro

    Aj lee vs Emma

    Mark henry vs rusev

    Goldust vs cody Rhodes

    Sin cara vs Rey

    vs Christian, del rio,ryback,axel-ziggler and miz turn heel

    • Simon Corbett

      Why would this happen? Undertakers locked in with Brock id rather see Bryan in the main event. Punk walked out, I know that cant be helped but put him against HHH and get Bryan in the wwe title match.

  • Aaron Brock

    I like how he took a swipe at Triple H with that “Some people have been handed opportunities.”

    • Aaron Brock

      and, yes, this has “work” written all over it.

  • WWE RaZaR

    Ziggler vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton

  • hisfirewithin

    If you worked shoot from a dark match spot on the card, does it make a sound outside of the IWC?