Dolph Ziggler Discusses His Love For Wrestling, Selling Moves, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk & More

Dolph Ziggler discussed with JS Online about taking bumps and selling for other wrestlers during his wrestling matches. “I pride myself on being one of the hardest workers in the business and part of that is making my opponent look good,” Ziggler said. “They love it and the fans love it, too, because I try to make them feel the shots.”

Ziggler also commented on how the current stars of today (Daniel Bryan & CM Punk) would have never been as big of stars as they are today ten years ago. “Ten years ago, (stars) our size would have never gotten this kind of push,” Ziggler said.

Ziggler revealed that his love for wrestling started at a young age, “I played a lot of sports. Football. Hockey. You name it, but I’ve always had a passion for wrestling. I grew up watching Rick Flair and I wanted to be just like him,” he said.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

  • Robb Maynard

    Ten years ago, guys like Eddie Guerrero and Benoit were getting pushes, and they’re hardly big guys. Maybe twenty years ago.

    • Miguel Tolentino

      I believe he means muscle mass, Eddie and Chris weren’t so buff until they got to the WWE. You look at Bryan and Punk, 10 years ago they’d probably be cruiser weights.