Dolph Ziggler Injury Update, WWE Polls On Big E Langston’s Future, Cameron’s Music Career

– WWE has posted another update on Dolph Ziggler after he suffered a concussion at Monday’s Superstars taping in a match with Ryback. WWE’s Dr. Amann noted that Ziggler saw a neuropsychologist on Thursday and had ImPACT testing performed as well as balance testing. All of those tests appear to be equivocal to baseline and within normal limits. Ziggler’s symptoms have improved significantly since Monday night. They are having him rest more and when he is asymptomatic, he will begin doing light cardio exercises and if that goes OK, WWE doctors will proceed with their “exertional protocol.”

– WWE’s website has a new poll up asking fans if they think Big E Langston is a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion. With over 7,000 votes cast, 70% of fans believe Big E will capture the big gold one day.

– While Naomi is in Tampa today filming her first music video as we noted, partner Cameron noted that her “Bye Bye” music single will be released “very soon.”

  • cj

    I see both the Funks , more so Cameron, leaving WWE to pursue a music career.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I guess everyone doesn’t see that Big E is black hahahahahaha. If they wanted to give the title to a black guy, then it should’ve been either shelton benjamin or MVP. Not some guy who is less impressive than bobby lashley was, who also didn’t get a title reign. Fuck it. I don’t care. Long as dean ambrose has a great career, i’m good