Dolph Ziggler Says There’s Resentment Over Part-Time Wrestlers, Talks WM29, Edge & More

ESPN has published an interview with Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. Below are some highlights:

If there’s resentment over part-time wrestlers getting the spotlight at WrestleMania: “Yeah, of course there is, but that’s how it goes. When somebody is getting a lot of time on TV, a lot of people will start to resent them or think they’re better. But that’s how it goes. And you know what, I hate it, I hate that part-timers have to come back in order for us to have the biggest WrestleMania there is, but it’s also smart business.”

The Rock vs. John Cena getting the main event slot: “The biggest movie star in the entire world just happens to have come from WWE, so who wouldn’t want to see the biggest movie star go up against the biggest WWE superstar we have, the face of the organization, the franchise? That match just has the glitz and glamour, that’s the main event and we get that. The guys who resent it 100 percent just don’t understand the business because there’s money to be made, there’s eyes to be brought to a WrestleMania. Say it was me and Daniel Bryan headlining, we’re not going to get those people who pay to see a movie star. Our job is, we get the people who pay to see Rock and John Cena, and you leave an impression that you stole the show. You do something to make them come back and see you the next day. That is my goal every time we do this, and of course, on Sunday, all those people tune in to see The Rock and Cena, but I’m going to leave them thinking I stole the show and now they have to tune in on Monday to see what I’m going to do next. That’s how I’ve been able to build my entire career. I’ve found a way to stand out and steal the show.”

If he carries around anything else in the MITB briefcase: “I usually have a book in there or something. [laughs] When you travel, you get a carry-on and a small bag or briefcase, so I carry that and my gear, and I need them both. I will not check either one of those, but it does cause a lot of questions in security. Everyone always wants to look inside and see it. I have had the briefcase for a very long time, and I resent that I’ve had it for so long, but perhaps on the biggest stage of them all … I think I’m the only person to ever have this contract going into WrestleMania, so we’ll see. Maybe Sunday is the day I cash this baby in.”

If Edge still texts him advice before his matches: “Yeah, I’m still in contact with Lance Storm and Edge. I’m also still in contact with a bunch of guys I used to drive with like Tommy Dreamer and Christian. As we’d ride together, I’d be like: “Yell at me, fill me in with what I’m doing,” and they did and they still help me to this day. Edge will text me at least a kind word back and forth helping me out with some stuff. We got to do a couple of months, just me and him at the live events, and that was such an enormous help. One of my favorite matches of all time was me and Edge at the Rumble a couple of years ago. It was like 25 minutes, and every near fall, the crowd thought it was the end of the match. Man, what a great match. It was so fun to do.”