Dolph Ziggler Says WWE Edited His Chants Off SmackDown, NXT Announce Teams, Birthdays

– Dolph Ziggler says WWE edited out fan chants for him during his interactions with Batista on Friday night’s SmackDown. He tweeted:

– The announce teams for Friday night’s WWE NXT tapings were Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and William Regal, and then Tom Phillips, Alex Riley and Tensai, who was announced as Jason Alberts.

– WWE Hall of Famer Booker T turns 49 years old today while Intercontinental Champion Big E turns 28, WWE Diva Emma turns 25 and former WCW star Scotty Riggs turns 43. TNA star Davey Richards turns 31 years old today.

  • Daniel Nava

    Lol Triple H and Stephanie hate Ziggler’s guts and livers.

  • Bryan Thomas

    They edit out chants so it won’t plant seeds in the people heads who are watching at home. It’s all a mind control thing. Except batista. The fans just don’t like the guy

  • Yoyo

    I don’t get why they edit the sound at all. Sound absolutely dreadful when they put the fake cheers in. Makes Smackdown that much harder to watch.

  • olrodlegacy

    Alberts isn’t even a name…

  • Chicky Hines

    I remember for a brief time in the early 2000’s, WWE would pipe in cheers during the Smackdown broadcast so that when it showed on television, it seemed the roof was on fire to the audience at home, even though the live crowd was dead.

  • Kian Rayleigh

    I haven’t watched Smackdown in ages, simply because of the editing. Fake cheers and boos, fake chants and removes chants. It’s damn annoying.